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New drug leads to teen's overdose
v1.0 - Jun 1, 2006
Originally published in Hometown Life (Michigan)
Citation:   "New drug leads to teen's overdose." Hometown Life. Jun 1 2006.
Parents, don't have enough to worry about? Looks like there's a new drug in town.

At least that was the case last week, when Troy officers investigated an incident involving a drug called "DOC."

It began May 24, when Bloomfield Township police officers reported a 17-year-old girl from their town was taken to the hospital for a possible drug overdose. She reportedly had been at a house on Malvern in Troy where she claimed she took the drugs. Officers responded to the home, where the 19-year-old man who lived at the home refused them entry.

While speaking with the 19-year-old, officers learned three other individuals within the home were experiencing reactions to the same substance. An 18-year-old man from Bloomfield Hills was seen walking into the walls, dazed and completely naked. He was brought to the door and taken to the hospital. Two other men from Bloomfield Township, 18 and 19 respectively, that also reportedly ingested the substance, were disoriented and dazed. They also were brought out and taken to the hospital.

The three men were evaluated and later released. The parents returned home after the three men were transported; they had been contacted by cell phone by the 19-year-old. They initially declined officers' access to the residence, but eventually consented.

Officers found a teen boy from another city inside the home. Investigation revealed he purchased a drug called "DOC" in crystalline form, and based on information he obtained from a Web site, mixed it into a liquid and soaked art paper with the solution. He cut it into pieces and was selling and giving it away at the party.

Officers didn't find the drug during their search, but located marijuana residue and paraphernalia consistent with its use and suspect it may have been being used; however, it was disposed of prior to officers' entry.

DOC is a newer psychedelic street drug and is a combination of hallucinogenic and amphetamine. Apparently it is touted as providing a "24-hour high."