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The Effects of Methcathinone on the American Speed Freak
by Anonymous
Crank synths are a bitch. Dealing either direction with speedfreaks, as much as I love 'em, can turn into a real twisted circus. So when I got wind of the Methcathinone process it sounded like a real cake walk to independent self medication, the answer to my delusions. Shit, this is so easy, the chemicals so uncontrollable, it might as well be legal. If you get caught doing this, you've got a really big fucking mouth and need to stay straight for everyone's benefit...It doesn't even stink the place up.

I got there on the third try, which is good for a chemHacker.

Unfortunately, it IS indeed too good to be true. CAT is by no means a Methamphetamine substitute, entirely different effects, the subjective effects are far less potent but it is physiologically more taxing, at least at first... It's easier for other people to tell you're wired, not that it makes you a blithering, obnoxious bore; ala cocaine, just sort of jumpy and nervous. Some trembling. Speech becomes a bit spastic, short quick bursts..... hunterThompsonesque.

It does not induce alertness, or clarity on a level with good Meth. It will keep you up, but it doesn't clear your head. You can NOT choose to relax, nor is it much of a motivator. The Erotic ( kudos Shulgin) is unaffected...Big difference there...might even be a bit inhibiting.

Compared to Crank, there is a low ceiling on the insomnia effect. It will not take you to the psychotic abyss of sleep deprivation, even with huge, repeated doses. Of course, this is not most people's idea of a good time anyway. I'm just funny that way.

I got mostly oil, which I dissolved in water and drank...tastes like soggy cardboard comes on faster than any oral I've ever done, less than 10 minutes. First dose stoked me about six hours, will keep you awake quiteAbit longer, tolerence develops along predictable lines...It's more compulsive than speed, hard to keep your hands off it, but a low ceiling on the high itself. Not nearly as insidious as cocaine in this respect. You know you've crashed the ceiling and entered the dimReturn atticSpace, when a sort of stupifying paralysis, and vibrating, anxious irritation set can't hold a thought long enough to reason it out, much less act on it. Typical over-stimulation response.

I did manage to get some crytals that were white enough to slam. The rush is pretty starts with a numbing then... up you go, pretty euphoric, a trifle nauseating for a few moments, and a little too heavy on the heart pounding for me...Not sure, but it might croak you as easily as coke, which is not good. :@ Most mainline deaths, among POPEYE's acquaintances, involved slamming coke, and he's known enough junkies and cranksters to compare. I don't know anyone who's bought it on Meth in mid-rush. Very subjective observation, perhaps, but fairly common knowlege amongst hard-cores.

Time flies like swift arrows.
Speed Kills take years.
Road Kills take note.

Whether or not it is a threat to life as far as inducing a sudden onset intravenously, or overdosing with a stimulant usually depends on two primary effects....does it increase heart rate, is it a vasoconstrictor? If it has dramatic effects in both these areas, like cocaine, it makes your blood pressure go way up, and something may give, usually in your head, where pressures are normally highest, aka stroke, often fatal. Your veins and arteries constrict, the pump rate increases, pressure builds, then _\!SPLUSH!/_ you're looking at dead relatives in some Steven Spielburg tunnel.

If anyone can confirm this reguarding CAT, they might post a more educated warning or dispel this suspicion.

By the way, don't think you're going to synthesize this, then sell it as crank to speedfreaks, this could be VERY dangerous to your health. Might not be a bad cut though.

On the brighter side, this is not a drug I've written off. In reasonable dosages, it's an effective mood elevater producing a very extroverted high, doesn't induce motor-mouth, a real party drug... sorta makes you wanna dance. It never threatens to take you down that mission-from-God, don't-bother-me I-can't-stop-now Road that comes from believing your own bullshit on a speedRun. It goes great with beer, less saturated fat than pretzels!

A comparison with X might be interesting, if someone would care to try, my limited X experience would leave me sounding stupid, or more stupider.

I guess that about covers it as far as how a CAT plucks MY wires, remember though, in all likelehood I've burned over a lot more of these circuits than you, a less trodden synaptic superhighway may invoke entirely different responses, for better or worse. I have found it impossible to include a recommended first dosage in good conscience...please be careful, and reference other literature for this.

My guess is that MOST Cranksters would consider this little more than a mild plaything with annoying side effects.