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Bufotenin Journal Articles & Abstracts

Medical Use


Bufo toads and bufotenine: fact and fiction surrounding an alleged psychedelic, by T. Lyttle; D. Goldstein; J. Gartz
Journal of Psychoactive Drugs Vol 28 (No. 3) July 1996, 267-290

Comparison of Solution Conformational Preferences for the Hallucinogens Bufotenin and Psilocin using 360 MHz Proton NMR Spectroscopy, by G.P. Migliaccio; T.L.N. Shieh; S.R. Byrn; B.B. Hathaway; D.E. Nichols
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 24, 1981, 206-209
(No Text Available)

The Isolation of Bufotenine from Pipatdenia peregrina, by V.L. Strombert
Journal of the American Chemical Society Vol 76, Mar 20, 1954, 1707

Urinary excretion of bufotenin (N,N-dimethyl-5-hydroxytryptamine) is increased in suspicious violent offenders, by J. Karkkainen; M. Raisanen; M. Huttunen; E. Kallio; H. Naukkarinen; M. Virkkunen
Psychiatry Res Vol 58, 1995, 145-152
(No Text Available)



Bufotenine reconsidered as a diagnostic indicator of psychiatric disorders, by N. Takeda; R. Ikeda; K. Ohba; M. Kondo
Neuroreport Vol 6 (No. 17) Nov 1995, 2378-2380