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Reported GHB-Related Death May Not Have Been GHB
Bromo-Dragonfly is Confirmed by Toxicology
by Erowid
v 1.0 - June 2007
In February 2007, Norwegian media reported on the suspected GHB-related death of a 18-year-old in Trysil, Norway. Subsequent toxicological analysis as reported in newspapers appears to link the death to Bromo-Dragonfly. One unconfirmed rumor says that the youth administered Bromo-Dragonfly by injection.

Because of the way GHB is metabolized, it likely remains unknown whether this death was attributable to GHB alone, GHB in combination with Bromo-Dragonfly, or Bromo-Dragonfly alone.

Norwegian speakers are encouraged to follow up on this story and submit corrections or additions to sage at

March 9 2007
GHB not responsible for 18-year-old's death

The 18-year-old who died after getting high in a child care institution in Trysil earlier this winter, died from a homemade drug that resembles LSD and Amphetamine.

This means it was not the dangerous GHB which was responsible, as the police initially suspected, writes Hamar Arbeiderblad.

The 18-year-old died February 3 after getting high in the institution where he lived. According to the police investigation the boy had used a chemical drug named Dragonfly (Bromo-benzodifuranyl-isopropylamin), a hallucinogen affecting the central nervous system, the paper writes.

Two other youths got high on the same drug, but suffered no serious damages.

A friend of the 18-year-old who the police think supplied him with the drug is charged with involuntary manslaughter.


March 9 2007
Died from "dragonfly" drug
by Trine H.Løken

The 18-year-old who died at the youth institution where he lived, died after getting high on a drug similar to LSD.

At first it was speculated whether 18-year-old Kåre Roger Martinsen, who was living at Youth in Development in Trysil, had used GHB, but the police investigations show that he died from a homemade drug which resembles LSD.

The drug mixture contains a chemical compound named Dragonfly. It resembles LSD, which is a hallucinogenic drug, and affects the central nervous system. LSD can cause false sensory experiences, illusions and hallucinations, and its effects are highly unpredictable.

Three youngsters, the 18-year-old being one of them, took the drug. A 16-year-old girl was admitted to the hospital after getting high on the drug, but was released the next day.

Police officer John Stallvik says they know how the youngsters got the drug. The police had stated earlier that they thought the youngsters might have found the recipe for the drug on the internet.

The investigation of the death is as good as over, but the police are still waiting for answers from Kripos [the tech people], such as how the drug the 18-year-old took affects the body. A friend of the deceased 18-year-old is charged with involuntary manslaughter, as he was the one who gave him the drug.

- "Once we get this information we will interview him again. After that the case will be sent over to the police prosecutor," says Stallvik.


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