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Information about a death reportedly related to Bromo-Dragonfly
by Erowid, Murple, Suave
v1.1 - Sep 6, 2007
In the evening of Thursday March 29, 2007 rescue services were called to a private house party in Anderstorp, Sweden. One of the partygoers had contacted them upon hearing sounds of violent vomiting emanating from the bathroom where his friends, two men aged 20 and 22, were experimenting for the first time with a psychoactive drug purchased a few days previously from a Dutch website. Both men were unconscious, with one having gone into cardiac arrest by the time the ambulance arrived. They were brought immediately to Värnamo Hospital's intensive care unit where medics managed to resuscitate the 20-year old; the other, 22-year old Marc Gregori, tragically died soon after arriving at the hospital. During the investigation following the incident, which included interviews with people present at the scene as well as discovery of the remainder of the ingested substance at the house where the party had taken place, it was determined that the men had taken the relatively rare synthetic hallucinogen known as Bromo-Dragonfly (1-(8-bromobenzo[1,2-b;4,5-b']difuran-4-yl-2-aminopropane).1,2

As a result of the apparent risk of fatality the drug was classified in Sweden as a "health hazard" on 1st May 2007, making it illegal to sell and possess.

Unfortunately there is little information available on the Anderstorp fatality and the results of the post-mortem were not released to the public; however users of the controversial Swedish online forum have hypothesised that the alleged method of ingestion used by the two men - dipping their fingers into bags containing Bromo-Dragonfly powder and then licking it off their fingers - would likely have resulted in a dose significantly higher than those reported by other users. No information has been released as to whether the men had consumed any other drugs, such as alcohol, at the time of the incident.

Revision History #
  • v1.0 - Apr 4, 2007 - Murple - Brief mention with related Swedish-language media link.
  • v1.1 - Sep 6, 2007 - Suave - Additional details based on further search of Swedish-language sources.