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Amphetamines Journal Articles & Abstracts



Amphetamines Activate a Task-Specific Response, by D.R. Weinberger et al.
Journal of Neuroscience, Vol 16: 1996;4816-4822.
(No Text Available)

Cross-reactivity of amphetamine analogues with Roche Abuscreen radioimmunoassay reagents, by J.T. Cody
Journal of Analytic Toxicology, Vol 14 (No. 1) Jan-Feb 1990, 50-53
(No Text Available)

Fluorescence polarization immunoassay detection of amphetamine, methamphetamine, and illicit amphetamine analogues, by J.T. Cody; R. Schwarzhoff
Journal of Analytic Toxicology, Vol 17 (No. 1) Jan-Feb 1993, 23-33
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