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New, Vintage, and Signed Blotter Art
Donate $75 or more & get a piece of displayable blotter art,
some pieces signed by luminaries such as Ram Dass, John Lilly,
Dennis McKenna, Ken Kesey, or the Shulgins


(From Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Recipes, 1903)

IN a large cask:

1 1/2 lbs large absinthe (A. absinthium)
2 lbs small absinthe
2 1/2 lbs long fennel
2 1/2 lbs star anise
2 1/2 lbs green anise
6 oz coriander
1 lb hyssop

moisten with a little water, allow to swell.
add 12 gals. 95% alcohol, steep 3 days.
add 10 gals. water, steep another day.
Distill. Will produce 15 gals absinthe at 65-70%.
Change the receiver when the distillate turns reddish color.
That part has off flavors..

Color distilled product by steeping 10 or 15 days in

1/2 lb mint
1/4 lb melissa
1/2 lb small absinthe (A. pontica)
2 oz citron peel
1/2 lb bruised liquorice root.
Strain and filter.