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Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT) Vape Pens
How They Are Made
by Grace Within
v1.1 - Feb 16, 2021
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Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT) vaporizer pens.
Photo by Grace Within
Three different potencies of Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT) vape pens.
"Jaguar" is the informal name given by Ralph Metzner to the pure compound 5-MeO-DMT. My intention with this article is to assist people in having safe, beautiful, and healing experiences with this amazing medicine. For years, underground therapists have used vaporized 5-MeO-DMT as a therapeutic agent and adjunct to in-person therapy. Throughout this document, 5-MeO-DMT titrated mixtures are referred to as "Jaguar" as an honorific to its powerful effects.

To learn more about Jaguar, see: When vaporized via a pipe and butane torch/lighter, 5-MeO-DMT can be something of a psychedelic bungee jump. Too high of a dose can be terrifying and shattering, overwhelming the potential benefits that some people experience. A graduated set of Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT) vape pens allows a journeyer to enter more gently and interactively control how deep they want to go, how fast they want to rise, and when they feel complete.

Warning: If you are taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), such as moclobemide, tranylcypromine, phenelzine, isocarboxazid, selegiline, linezolid, or harmala alkaloids (which ayahuasca contains), be aware that MAOIs may intensify and prolong the effects of Jaguar and may be dangerous. See More than one fatality has been attributed to a combination of an MAOI and 5-MeO-DMT (though not confirmed).

Experience Setting
Prepare a soft nest that will not be disturbed and where one can lie down safely for the duration of the journey. This may be around 20 minutes for a single draw on a pen, but time should be planned for several draws. For safety, do not take the Jaguar medicine standing up or in water, because consciousness may leave the body for a short while. But also, try not to worry, it will return. One may want to remove some clothing or at least loosen one's belt so one can inhale fully and enjoy the breath.

Especially for stronger experiences, it's prudent and comforting to have a trusted sitter nearby.

Some people like to have a water bottle handy to sip on. Many find a playlist of soft music without words can add warmth and help set the tone of the journey, while others find music distracting. In my experience, it's advised to have the first few journeys indoors. After becoming more familiar with the medicine, some people may want to experience Jaguar out in nature, lying down in a meadow or among trees.

Selecting a Dose
Vape pens are dramatically more efficient at delivering Jaguar than other methods, such as with a pipe and torch. Vape pens give a stronger experience using less medicine. Each pen should be labeled according to its strength. A cartridge labeled 1:12 is a preparation of 1 gram of Jaguar plus 12 mL of (DBMixPro or other) carrier. The stronger 1:4 cartridge is a preparation of 1 gram of Jaguar plus 4 mL of carrier. It is extremely important to label Jaguar vape pens carefully and clearly. People vary widely in their sensitivity to this medicine, which vape pens accommodate nicely.

Each pen holds about 60 five-second draws, so they last quite a while. The dose delivered depends on the pen strength, how long you draw, and to some extent, how hard you draw.

When using the Jaguar vape pen method, the dose is approximate but repeatable, and people will soon learn how much works best for them. A five-second (5 sec) draw on a 1:12 Jaguar pen delivers about 0.6 mg of 5-MeO-DMT, a five-second draw on the 1:4 pen delivers about 1.7 mg of 5-MeO-DMT, and a five-second draw on the 1:2 pen delivers about 2.9 mg of 5-MeO-DMT. (Twice as much is delivered in ten-second draws.) Different people have widely different tolerances and reactions to Jaguar, so people should titrate carefully (start gently and work their way up) to find their own personal best dose.

Generally, one starts with the weaker 1:12 pen for warmup, beginning with a single 3 second draw. Inhale just strongly enough so the light glows steadily. Drawing faster makes the atomizer dry out and get too hot. If the vapor feels harsh in the throat or airways, one can inhale more slowly or allow a little air in along with the vapor from the pen. Before inhaling, it helps to exhale fully so there is plenty of lung capacity to suck in fresh air after the medicine. The Jaguar should be pulled down into the lungs to be absorbed. Once the medicine (and some fresh air) has been drawn into the lungs, holding it in for a longer period of time increases the effects. Close eyes, lay back, exhale, and enjoy.

After five to fifteen minutes one may feel ready for more. Take it slowly, and there is no need to progress to stronger doses if feeling relatively complete. Use judgment and consume at will. Start with some additional draws on the 1:12 pen, perhaps a little longer such as 5 to 7 seconds if feeling ready for it. The effect builds smoothly and cumulatively, as personal comfort and relationship with the medicine develop. With experience, an initial mantra of "surrender and allow" may transition to "invite and embrace."

Using the hardware described, if one reaches a 10-second draw, a timer in the unit will blink the light and stop heating. If this happens and a longer draw is desired, one can stop drawing for a second or two and then continue. If, at some point after using a weaker pen one chooses to go deeper with the Jaguar medicine, switch to the next stronger and remember to go back to a shorter draw, such as 4 seconds. Important: Also remember that with the suggested set, 1:12 is weakest, 1:4 is medium, and 1:2 is very strong.

Benefits of a Jaguar Vape Pen
The 5-MeO-DMT medicine quiets the conscious mind and opens up access to the subconscious. Less analytical thinking and more knowing by feeling. For many journeyers the experience is not extremely visual or entertaining, yet it can be deeply profound, healing, and revealing. Sometimes repressed traumas are uncovered and may be healed.

People sometimes feel themselves opening into a state of loving grace, filled with peace and gratitude. Many journeyers report that the experience is more like coming home to one's true self, rather than visiting somewhere else. "Yes! That's who and what I really am and always have been."

At higher doses, some even set aside their usual human identity and ego and directly experience a divine unity with all consciousness. One sometimes experiences becoming an eternal spiritual being having a temporary experience in a physical human body on planet Earth.

As people come back into their body, they may experience deep gratitude for the gift of breath, and for the senses of smell and touch, and find themselves in a gentle and open-hearted space perfect for connecting with those they love. Take time and bask in the afterglow. Many of the most healing insights come as one is still gently returning into the body. After journeying, a warm shower can be grounding and calming and quite sensual. Integration is about remembering who and what one really is, while also staying connected with the current human experience. During the day, we can't see the stars, but once we have seen the stars at night, the memory of the stars (and galaxies!) informs the context of everyday life while doing mundane human chores. The memory of what one experiences with Jaguar can transform the depth and quality of their entire earthly life, leaving one more fully present to appreciate and enjoy the gift of being alive and in a human body.

Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT) Vape Pen Hardware
Photo by Grace Within
Photos of the hardware used to fill Jaguar vaporizer devices with different strength 5-MeO-DMT solutions.
Frequency, Duration, Post-Session Considerations, and Cautions
Jaguar vape pens are relatively convenient to use. How often an individual chooses to use is a personal choice, but once per week seems to work well for many people. That timing allows for new insights to sink in, and provides something beautiful to look forward to all week. The acute effects of Jaguar are short. One may feel that driving safely is possible an hour or so after the effects subside. Plan for an extra hour or two buffer, if not more. Be safe and plan ahead so that driving isn't necessary. Many people find that for several days or even a week they may feel a gentle and calm loving presence enhancing the quality of life and relationships.

These pens are meant for personal use. Be careful not to leave them lying around, and do not share them with others who have not had coaching about their proper use. It's important that no one ever mistakenly take a draw on a Jaguar Vape Pen thinking it contains nicotine or cannabis/THC/CBD.

How Jaguar Vape Pens are Made
  • Freebase Jaguar (5-MeO-DMT)
    (5-MeO-DMT is sold in both the freebase form and in the oxalate or other salt forms. The salt forms of 5-MeO-DMT have a much higher melting point, so for vaping they need be converted to the freebase form using the Sodium Carbonate Method. Freebase Jaguar has a melting point of 70C. Undergrad chemistry or strong kitchen chemistry skills and equipment are necessary to convert a salt form to freebase 5-MeO-DMT.)
  • Liquid Carrier: Herbal extract liquidizer or other carrier
    (Common polyethylene glycol-based carriers work well, such as DBMix Pro or DBMixPro on Ebay or PEG400, though any vaporizer solution in which the 5-MeO-DMT dissolves completely will work, with the caveat that some solutions might not be viscous enough and could leak out these cartridges)
  • 0.5 mL glass oil cartridges
    (Such as: CCELL TH2 cartridge)
  • Batteries that match the cartridge
    (Such as: CCELL M3 Battery)
    More details about the CCELL technology
  • 20 mL Clear Glass Screw-cap Vials
    (Such as: this product)
  • Blunt Needle Syringes for filling cartridges
    (Such as: this product)
  • Standardized Weighing Papers
    (Such as : LabExact or similar)
  • Small Labels (~5/16" x 1/2"): for labelling bottles & cartridges
    (Such as: this product)
  • Pen case
    (Such as: this product)
Vape Pen Preparation Procedure
  1. Prepare a set of desired strength Jaguar solutions. A good set would include 1:12, 1:4, and 1:2 ratios where the ratios represent the grams (g) of 5-MeO-DMT to milliliter (mL) of DBMixPro (or other carrier). The 1:12 pen is good for warmup and perfect for those who are more sensitive to Jaguar. The 1:4 pen would be for going deeper, and the 1:2 pen is only needed for those who have high tolerance.
  2. A 1:12 strength cartridge is prepared by weighing 1.0 grams (g) of freebase 5-MeO-DMT onto a weighing paper. Use standard weighing paper or cut any paper into 4x4 inch pieces and fold into quarters and then re-open so there is both a center "well" and the folds can act as a sort of funnel, later). Carefully pour the weighed powder into a glass vial (use a tiny metal funnel if the opening of the vial is too small to reliably get the powder into).
  3. Use a blunt-needle syringe or other luer-slip non-sharp syringe to add 12 mL of your selected Liquid Carrier (such as DBMixPro) to the vial. Screw the cap on the vial and label it "1:12" immediately. It's easy to get distracted or confused, so focus is important until this step is finished.
  4. Place the vial into a small poly bag (plastic bag, ziplock, etc) and seal closed to keep it dry: Make sure no water can get inside. Then immerse the bottle-inside-bag in very hot water. Hot water from a hot-water-for-tea dispenser can be used, or water can be heated in a microwave until is it pretty hot but not boiling. If the water is bubbling, it is hotter than needed. Set a timer and wait until it cools enough that it isn't boiling. Rock the bottle to ensure the 5-MeO-DMT is fully dissolved and evenly mixed. Wait a few minutes and hold the vial up to a bright light to confirm that any crystalline powder is dissolved and not settling to the bottom of the vial. With hotter water or if the bottle is shaken, tiny air bubbles can form and it can take minutes (or even hours) for the bubbles to fully dissipate. If unfamiliar with dissolving solids, be patient. It can always be heated again, no need to rush this step.
  5. After completing the 1:12 strength cartridge, one can prepare the other desired strength solutions, each in its own labeled bottle.
  6. Holes drilled in a block of wood can support vape cartridges in an upright position. Unscrew and set aside the ceramic tips from some CCELL TH2 glass oil cartridges. Leave the bottom silicone caps in place and stand the cartridges upright.
  7. Re-Heat vials containing Jaguar solution prior to injecting into final cartridge. Place one of the labeled glass solution screw-top vials into a poly bag to keep it dry and immerse it (again) in very hot water for a few minutes. Remove the bottle and rock it a gently (don't shake) before opening. Draw plenty of solution into a blunt needle syringe or non-sharp slip point. Fill each cartridge a little less than completely full, then return the remaining solution to the bottle and screw the cap back on.
  8. Immediately after filling cartridge(s) with a given solution strength, screw the ceramic mouth-tip back on and affix the small pre-prepared labels such as "1:12" to the cartridge and cover with clear tape. Allow the completed cartridges to stand vertical for at least half an hour to ensure the atomizers are fully saturated and the cartridges have returned to room temperature before screwing onto a battery.
Each cartridge should be filled only once and used until it fails. Don't try to refill a cartridge! When a cartridge is first filled, the porous atomizer sucks in the Jaguar solution by capillary action, creating a negative pressure that keeps the cartridge from leaking. If the cartridge is re-opened, the negative pressure is lost and the cartridge may leak. The value of the medicine is much more than the cost of a new cartridge.

Each 0.5 mL cartridge holds about 60 five-second draws. The dose delivered depends on the pen strength, how long one draws, and to some extent, how hard one draws. The draw should be just strong enough so the light glows steadily. Faster makes the atomizer dry out and get too hot, which may burn the Jaguar.

The table below shows the approximate dose of 5-MeO-DMT delivered for a five-second draw with different strength pens:

RatioPull DurationDose
1:32 (weakest)5 secs0.3 mg
1:165 secs0.5 mg
1:125 secs0.6 mg
1:85 secs0.9 mg
1:65 secs1.2 mg
1:45 secs1.7 mg
1:35 secs2.2 mg
1:25 secs2.9 mg
1:1 (strongest)5 secs4.5 mg
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