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4-Methylmethcathinone / Mephedrone
by Erowid
Several deaths in the U.K. and Europe have been attributed to the use of mephedrone. These include cases of mephedrone use alone as well as mephedrone combined with other substances.

  • Vasoconstriction at High Doses. At least two reports have described what appears to be significant vasoconstriction (narrowing of arteries causing reduced blood flow) after repeated use of mephedrone over a six or more hour period with a cumulative dose of 600 mg in one case and 1.8 g in another. This vasoconstriction resulted in "bluing" of knees, legs, feet, arms, hands, lips, and face, a well as light-headedness.2

    One case has been reported in the medical literature of 3.8 grams of mephedrone being injected I.M. The individual suffered heart palpitations, "blurred tunnel vision", chest pressure, sweating, and sympathomimetic toxicity (heart rate of 105 bpm, bp of 177/111, dilated pupils of 7 mm). He was treated with 1 mg oral lorazepam and released from the hospital after 6 hours. Toxicology tests confirmed that the material was mephedrone.3 It is possible that the treatment with lorazepam prevented more significant vasoconstriction in this case.
  • Stimulant Combinations. Avoid other strong stimulants in combination with mephedrone, which can increase heart rate and blood pressure risks.
  • Heart/Health Conditions. Individuals with a history of heart ailments, high blood pressure, aneurism or stroke may be at higher risk.
  • Frequent use. Many people have reported using more mephedrone than they intended. Often this takes the form of continuing to redose repeatedly after they had planned to stop.
  • Hyponatremia. In the case of one death in Sweden, medical reports show that prior to death the woman was suffering from hyponatremia, an electrolyte or salt deficiency in the body which has also been associated with the use of MDMA/ecstasy. While there isn't enough evidence to make a formal tie between mephedrone and hyponatremia, eating a salty snack or sports drink can help reduce this potential risk.
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