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4-methylaminorex Journal Articles & Abstracts



Distinct features of seizures induced by cocaine and amphetamine analogs, by G.R. Hanson; M. Jensen; M. Johnson; H.S. White
Eur J Pharmacol Vol 377 (No 2-3) Jul 21, 1999; 167-173

Stimulus properties of a new designer drug: 4-methylaminorex ("U4Euh"), by R.A. Glennon; B. Misenheimer
Pharmacol Biochem Behav Vol 35 (No 3) Mar 1990; 517-521

A Fatality Involving U4EuH, a Cyclic Derivative of Phenylpropanolamine, by Davis FT, Brewster ME
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Aminorex produces stimulus effects similar to amphetamine and unlike those of fenfluramine, by Young R
Pharmacol Biochem Behav, Vol 42(1) 1992; 175-8

Title Unknown
Archives Int Pharmacodyn Ther Vol 164 (No 2) 1966; 412-418
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown
Science Vol 218 (No 457) 1982; 487-490
(No Text Available)



Metabolism of 4-methylaminorex ("EU4EA") in the rat, by G.L. Henderson; M.R. Harkey; Y.T. Chueh
J Anal Toxicol Vol 19 (No 7) Nov-Dec 1995; 563-570

Response of monoaminergic and neuropeptide systems to 4-methylaminorex: a new stimulant of abuse, by G.R. Hanson; C.F. Bunker; M. Johnson; L. Bush; J.W. Gibb
Eur J Pharmacol Vol 218 (No 2-3) Aug 6, 1992; 287-93

The effects of aminorex and related compounds on brain monoamines and metabolites in CBA mice , by Zheng Y, Russell B, Schmierer D, Laverty R
J Pharm Pharmacol Vol 49 (No 1) Jan 1997; 89-96

Intravenous self-administration of 4-methylaminorex in primates, by Mansbach, R.S., Sannerud, C.A.; Griffiths, R.R.; Balster, R.L. and Harris, L.S.
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A Rapid Method for Assessing Drug Inhibition of Feeding Behavior, by Roszkowski A, Kelley N.
J Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Vol 140, 1963; 367-374

Sympathomimetic Actions of cis-2-Amino-4-Methyl-5-Phenyl-2-Oxazoline, by Yelnasky J, Katz R.
J Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Vol 141, 1964; 180-184
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown
J Clinical Pharmacology Vol 7, 1967; 296-302
(No Text Available)



The Stereoisomers of 4-Methylaminorex, by Klein RFX, Sperling AR, Cooper DA, Kram TC
Journal of Forensic Sciences Vol 34 (4), 1989; 962-979

2-Amino-5-Aryl-2-Oxazolines: New Anorectic Agents, by Poos GI, Carson J, Rosenau J, et al.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 6, 1963; 266
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown
Annual Review of Med Chem 1965; 51-58
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown
Annual Review of Med Chem 1966; 44-47
(No Text Available)



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