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"4-methyl aminorex produces a very long-lasting experience of about sixteen hours that is characterized by an increase in attention and an enhanced ability to recall, analyze and process information. What distinguishes 4-methyl aminorex from other substances like caffeine and nicotine, which also have these effects though to a lesser degree, is its effect on emotions. The 4-methyl aminorex experience resembles a low dose of MDMA in that it helps alleviate anxiety. 4-methyl aminorex enhances that aspect of intellectual work that questions, probes and explores the unknown. Some users are reporting that it helps remove 'writer's block'."

-- MAPS Bulletin, Vol 6, No 2

It should be fairly easy to make. At 1986 Rainbow Gathering in Pennsylvania some people combined 4-methyl aminorex with LSD (stoopid!) and had bad experiences, which gave the drug a bad reputation. Popularity increase all over the world is predicted in the future. It was put in Schedule I on October 15, 1987 after a seizure of a high production lab in Florida. A fatality involving Euphoria has been reported (Journal of Forensic Sciences 33:2 March 1988 pp 549-553), allegedly after daily use for several months in combination with phenobarbital. In post-mortem analysis the concentration of U4Euh in blood was found to be 21.3 mg/L (!). The guy who has been giving away Euphoria and info about it, The Friendly Stranger (you know those old 'Beware!..' marijuana scare posters), seems to know his business pretty well (Psychedelic M&E vol 4).

When ingested orally the usual dosage is 15-30 mg as the free base (18-36 mg as the HCl), onset of effects 1-2 hours, duration 14-16 hours.

"Qualitatively, the experience is similar to a long-lasting MDMA intoxication superimposed with methamphetamine, with the added benefits of easy verbalization, free association, integration and elaboration of previous insights.." - The New Age Chemist, PM&E 4. Transient somatic effects: increased respiration, tachycardia, tremors, perspiration, increased blood pressure, intraocular pressure, blurred vision and tightness in the chest. Increased body and breath odor.

-- Anonymous