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4-acetoxy-DiPT Primer

By Toad
v. 1.0 - 11/99



Out of the many tryptamine compounds in TIHKAL, there are several that suggest the makings of greatness. 4-hydroxy-diisopropyltryptamine is one such compound, with Sasha himself reporting some flirtation with the magical plus 4 transcendental peak experience with it. It was also said in TIHKAL that 4-HO-DIPT has an unusually short duration, which might make it a suitable candidate for psychotherapy. With Dr. Shulgin's incredible groundwork laid before us, I m honored to bring this compound and its close chemical cousin 4-acetoxy-DIPT further into focus.

Recently, I had the opportunity to experiment with the more stable 4- acetoxy-DIPT derivative. It is theorized that once a 4-acetoxy compound enters the body it gets chopped off by esterase enzymes, leaving behind the active 4-hydroxy group to work its magic on the brain. It s very similar to how 4-Phosphoryloxy-DMT (psilocybin) is metabolized into 4-HO- DMT (psilocin). For all intensive purposes the effects of isolated psilocybin and psilocin have been found to be subjectively the same. This can also be said for 4-acetoxy-DMT, 4-acetoxy-DET, and their 4-HO counterparts. In my first comparison experiment, 4-HO-DIPT and 4-acetoxy- DIPT were found to be essentially the same experience, and others have reported the same conclusion.

In the course of watching a fairly wide spectrum of entheogen aficionados experiment with 4-acetoxy-DIPT, some interesting aspects of the drug have come to light. First off it must be noted that the reports for 4-acetoxy- DIPT have been consistently positive, with the majority of people stating that they enjoyed the experience. I had expected this compound might present substantial body load issues based upon what I had read in TIHKAL, but I ve been pleasantly surprised to find the majority of people felt the side effects of the material were unsubstantial when compared to the positive aspects of the experience. About half of the people reported physical effects described as kundalini , tremors , jelly legs , jumpy legs , and quivers , with one explorer commenting that the body load was reminiscent of DPT and was a bit disconcerting for him at times. Two experimenters independently theorized that combining 4-acetoxy-DIPT with dopamineric compounds such as wellbutrin, buproprion, or GHB may increase the tremor effects. Clearly more data is needed, and the jury is still out on this one. My partner and I found the material to elicit a definite tryptamine energy signature in our bodies, but nothing that we would classify as physical malaise or uncomfortable feelings. We added GHB during the tail end of our experiences and noted a very nice synergy, without any added side effects. Out of the 21 people who participated in the study, only one was disappointed with the material, and all said they would like to repeat the experience and explore this most unique entheogen further.


4-acetoxy-DIPT is conveniently orally active and quite potent, with the standard dosage being somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-30 mg. So far, the highest trials have been with 40 mg, and the explorers involved commented that it was definitely not too much for them. I would imagine it could even be taken to higher levels by hardhead psychonauts who are unresponsive to the standard dosage range. On the other hand, I m sure many people will find the lower range more suited to their taste. The effects are felt within 30-45 minutes and are fully developed by 1.5 hours. The peak plateau lasts for another 1.5 hours and then quickly fades over a 30 min period to an excellent afterglow. The experience can also be boosted at any point during the trip to extend the effects. During one experiment my partner and I took an initial dose of 25 mg, then boosted with another 25 mg at T+2 hours which deepened and extended the total duration of the trip to about 6 hours. This compound tastes incredibly nasty, so do yourself a favor and put it inside a gelcap. To my knowledge, the other routes of administration have not yet been explored. I would imagine it will be very active via nasal, rectal, and injection routes, however the material seems best suited for oral ingestion.


4-acetoxy-DIPT seems to have a gentle and benevolent nature, rather than being a crack you over the head kind of psychedelic. This is not to say that 4-acetoxy-DIPT doesn t pack a punch (it certainly does for me), just that it seems to work in non-threatening ways. Similar to the happy effects of MDMA, this material seems to gravitate towards the positive polarity. 4-acetoxy-DIPT can be best categorized for me by it s unique, friendly psychedelic nature and luscious sensual body feelings. The material is not particularly visual, but does present some color enhancements and minor visual alterations, especially at the higher dosage range. Clearly the focus of this drug is how it feels. Pink clouds, ivory pearls, and sensual delights. This is where the happy elves live. It would be a good idea to have lots of soft exotic fabrics and wonderful things to feel in your launch pad environment. Make yourself an ultra lush, super soft bed especially for the occasion and share it with a friend. Anoint yourself with a hot bubble bath, cover yourself with fragrant flower petals, and take full pleasure in being flesh. You also might want to have a fine sound system and some good music available in your plush tripping pad, as music will add emmensely to the sensations of 4-acetoxy-DIPT. As for sensual/sexual enhancement, I think this completely blows 5meO-DIPT away. Another arena where this material may be well suited is for enhancing truthful communication and intimacy between people. 4-acetoxy-DIPT definitely has strong empathogenic qualities, and may be well suited for select social applications. It s definitely something you will want to share. As far as being a potential agent for intensive self analysis in psychotherapy, I don t think this is quite what the doctor ordered. However, it may prove to be very useful in a therapeutic settings as an introductory entheogen to get the ball rolling. It will be very interesting to watch the fate of this drug as it plots its course through the various entheogen networks, although it's unlikely that it will become available on a wide scale due to the difficulties in it's synthesis and low yields inherent within the process.


  1. Trip Report - "A Change of State"
  2. Trip Report - "Stimulation and Warmth"
  3. Additional 4-Acetoxy-DiPT Reports


Elfstone - (with 10 mg orally followed by a 25 mg booster after 1 hour)
I had expected some overlap in effects with psilocin, given the 4 substitution and accounts provided in TIHKAL; however, it was for the most part not found to be a highly visual material. The state of consciousness evoked was definitely friendly, heart opening, and insightful. We were gently and humorously guided into considering our current living situation. I would characterize this material as definitely having a quality of friendly, humorous insight, and something that was a great catalyst in crystallizing out some life changes that have been condensing for some time.

A & G (with 20 mg orally)
This is a very physical substance, not in any negative manner, but the substance is definitely *felt* in the body. In this manner it reminded me very much of 5-MeO-DIPT. A sensual, flying, floating sensation and a definite sense of physical well-being is dominant. Then came some changes to the visual field. Not overwhelming in any sense, but some sparkly patterning akin to DPT. Luminous yet transparent geometries, not organic and round like mushroom visuals, but sharp edges and lines, fields of small silver translucent pyramids and such. The mental process was not affected very much, another aspect that reminds me of 5-MeO-DIPT. Thinking remained clear and intact. Very nice substance.

Nubae (with 25 mg orally)
It was beyond expectations. I now understand people used the word lush to describe the experience. I was expecting something along the lines of MDMA, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice the entheogenic consciousness oozing out of the cracks in the fabric of reality. I became more aware of how long I'd put my 'spiritual mission' aside for lack of time. I really needed this, true soul searching stuff. And sitting here writing this now a peaceful sensation of understanding flows through me. The entheogenic essence that flows deeply in this material. Everyone could do with a little of this stuff to help them find themselves in this increasingly confusing reality.

Anonymous (with 25 mg orally followed by a 25 mg booster after 1 hour)
I have to admit that I masturbated three times during the trip. This is confidential, isn't it?

Flotsam (with 40 mg orally)
My heart just bloomed. It felt as though it swelled to larger than normal and then unfolded itself and blossomed within me. Heart racing. Jelly limbs. Very pleasant feeling. Sort of jovial -- not the spasms of laughter of LSD, but a satisfying all-over body smile. Full bore. Marvelous. Clarity of thought, although there's a bit of spaceyness to it. Moments where my whole body quivers like jello forcing me to lay down briefly... feelings very similar to significant doses of psilocybin, but not so intense as to make me question my physical existence. Feel very confident serving as ground control for Jetsam's second high dose LSD experience as I drip 4 drops on her tongue. Get the children well settled for the night (so I think) and lay on the futon with Jetsam. Sensuality overtakes us both and soon we're nekkid and writhing. It wasn't like MDMA where everything is tingly and feels just incredible; it was more like swirling our minds and bodies together. Of note to me was the indefatigable nature of my erection; very un-tryptamine-like, in my experience. Viagra's got nothin' on this stuff. ;) Orgasm was delayed and when it arrived, it came surging in like a tidal wave, completely particalizing my body and sparking an amazing kaleidoscope in my mind. Wow!

Dana Roberts (with 20 mg orally second trial)
I forgot to not take my buproprion medication on the day of the experiment, also took a toke of marijuana just prior to dosing. Not as nervous this time, and I'm looking forward to it. Partner takes her usual Paxil dose plus 0.5 mg Xanax as she is nervous about trying a new compound. Setting: laying in bed, listening to fast ambient music. Feel energy, some anxiety. Partner: some body sensations, nice, not strong. Body tremors increase to mild muscle spasms. Distracting but not a problem. I decide that the 4-acetoxy-DIPT is interacting with the buproprion (which blocks dopamine reuptake and can cause muscle tremors by itself), and I take 0.5 mg Xanax. "Energy!" Less body tremor now; Xanax is probably working. Dreamy, music felt, no visuals, very much into the music. Try to have sex, but hard to focus; music (Orb) says "We need some plasma here", we collapse laughing. Generally surfing the music, having a great time. Orb mentions "Timothy Leary" and again we fall into laughter. Try sex again and it s really great! Effects fading, but it comes back in waves. Music is really special. Perhaps the DIPT side targets music, but the 4.acetoxy side makes the music magical like psilocybin; certainly none of the music distortion reported with DIPT itself. Sit outside with my partner listening to the night sounds, feeling very close. Partner notes: "Maybe good for creativity. No body problems. Slowly grew in intensity. Warmth in stomach area, A lot of fun, no fears or anxieties. Only problem for me was not being able to get to sleep afterwards." Final Commentary: feels like "2C.B with glee". 15 mg seems a good dose. Some may prefer 10.12 mg. Eat a good carbohydrate, low.fat meal 3-4 hours beforehand. Seems especially good with music. Very good for sex. Might work for dancing, perhaps better at lower dose. A new class: "Enthrallogen" Probably will be considered fun and a good party drug. Enjoy it while it lasts...

Anonymous (with 17 mg sublingual)
I held it under my tongue for 2 mins, yucky! Slight spacy pressure in forehead, sinuses swelling and tingling, cough. Rising a notch, a gentle floaty warmth spreading in my body. Getting deeper. Clear, floaty, stretching, body fine, pulse up a little. Feeling is closer to acid than many other things. Clear kundalini, beaming deep +3 trembling, tactile enhanced, visual field more active (halos, trails more pronounced). Face flushed, good clean peaceful feeling, lots of kundalini, good stuff! Settled, soft, review of work.related subconscious or suppressed emotions easily amused. Life situation review, am I having it too easy? Smoking joints at taxpayers expense just because I happen to be smart maybe (laughing, while being conservatively appalled at such a display of a lack of work ethic (more laughing)) in an easily focused state. Tryptamines sure give me a lot of kundalini. I feel a little sick, and I should reduce smoking of anything. Quite up there, writing this up. Staring at myself in the mirror, getting deep. Very good for moving in trance ..- great --- being ..- beautiful --- ecstatic. Stretching feels good, gorgeous material! Not much effect anymore perhaps +1, although can't quite be sure spaced as ever from meditating the same place for almost an hour. I m slightly drained physically (with hintings of a headache) but maybe from blood sugar levels too. Summary: brilliant stuff, cleanness of effect comparable to acid, just slightly more draining physically, in the top class for depth, and the duration makes it special. Anonymous

K. Trout (with estimated 25 mg of 4HO-DIPT orally)
Greyish talc-like powder (taste was not nearly as bad as many other things). Onset was solid around 26 minutes (first alert in 18 minutes) and by an hour later there was a very slow re-entry lasting several hours. The mental space was interesting; introspection was fluid and not forced but very sensitive, accurate and detailed. In the right situation this could have good therapeutic or psycho-analytical applications. It did produce some odd contradictions; while feeling clear minded in the center of my mind this was wrapped within a layer of confused disorientation. Similarly movement seemed strange; very controlled but still requiring some mental effort and focus. I felt cold and chilled throughout the experience (beginning around 1 hour after ingestion) but at the same time was hot and sweaty; this persisted until I fell asleep.

Perhaps due to the excessive pace I have been maintaining in recent weeks, there was a heavy body load making me extremely aware of just how physically and mentally exhausted I am right now. While a booster was planned, it was neither wanted nor welcomed due to how uncomfortable I felt physically. Slept 6 hours after ingestion and had an intense night of dreams. All dreams since have been much more visual and detailed.

Lots of swirling or rotating movement within the visual field but no enhancement of colors or appearance of geometrics or other shapes. Assessing visual trails, despite them being weak, the entire movement seemed to be one blur with only the peaks of the range of movement visible. When waving a pen back and forth I was totally unable to tell where it was at any given point. While making notes, the shadow of my hand seemed like a thick transparent material that I was looking through to see the words I was writing.

At its peak it reminded me a bit of the stimulated mental space associated with an entry-dose of DMT except without any colors, physical sensations, mental images, moving images, pressor effects, pounding heart, or perceived entities. Re-entry was quite uncomfortable in contrast with the take-off that seemed to onset smoothly. This was likely a product of my fairly exhausted state.

I thought it was quite a valuable experience as it helped me to evaluate several current issues in life that I have not been wanting to take an honest look at.

I did not experience any increase in either sensual or erotic perceptions. If sex had been an option I think I would have had little or no interest.

During the experience I kept wondering what the methoxy analogue would be like, and also about the 4-MeO-N,N-(n-propyl). While there were interesting aspects about this molecule, I repeatedly found myself thinking that a very small bit of structural tweaking could create something truly phenomenal.


1.0Nov, 1999