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Information on Reported Deaths Related to 2C-B-Fly
Misidentified Substance is Most Likely Bromo-dragonfly
by the Erowid Crew
v1.6 - Nov 9, 2009
contaminated 2c-b-fly powder
Batch "b1" - Thought to be Contaminated or Mislabeled 2C-B-Fly Powder, but Most Likely Bromo-dragonfly
2C-B-Fly Warning
Misidentified 2C-B-fly has contributed to at least two deaths and several hospitalizations in early October 2009. Because of the immediate nature of this issue, please be sure to pass this information to anyone who may come into contact with 2C-B-fly.

One confirmed death occurred in Denmark, another in San Jose, California. Both followed the use of material sold as 2C-B-fly, acquired from the research chemical reseller Haupt-RC, but manufactured in China. Both deaths and some hospitalizations were reportedly caused by a batch identified as "b1" on the label.

Another U.S. death related to material purchased from a different reseller has been reported but not yet confirmed. It is possible that resellers of misidentified 2C-B-fly are sourcing from the same manufacturer.

Based on details about the confirmed deaths and hospitalizations, especially dosage and duration, it was speculated that this material may be bromo-dragonfly, which is rough ten times more potent and has a longer duration. Laboratory analysis conducted by Energy Control in Spain found bromo-dragonfly with unspecified synthesis impurities (see below). An Erowid Center-sponsored analysis conducted in the U.S. also verified the material was bromo-dragonfly.

Death in California
On October 3, 2009, Brian Sullivan died in California after ingesting 9 mg of purported 2C-B-fly. His brother John and John's girlfriend Lindsey were also present and also ingested the same material, John 10 mg and Lindsey 4 mg. Brian was 18 years old and weighed 175 lbs. He was not on any medication that his family was aware of, although he did have preexisting health problems. According to his brother:
"He had multiple major health problems, including a serious stomach ailment, heart murmur, chronic vomiting and really bad headaches/migraines (probably stress related), many ulcers, a connective tissue disease that can affect internal organs (he also had stopped taking his medication for this), and probable severe liver and possible kidney damage from a suicide attempt with Tylenol and Alleve, and he also may have had additional damage for those and or other organs from using what now appears to have been large amounts of recreational drugs and from whatever taints and cuts were present in them."
Brian began having a difficult trip at two hours after ingestion. At three and a half hours after ingestion he began having what appeared to be seizures but could have been strokes or a heart attack, or a combination of those. 911 was called and CPR was performed. He died approximately four hours after ingestion.

John, who had taken 10 mg, experienced "intense gastrointestinal disturbances" and was still experiencing effects at 30 hours after ingestion. He and Lindsey both reported extremely strong experiences and were both taken to the hospital in restraints after the paramedics/police arrived.

The material was ordered from Haupt-RC on September 29th and was received on October 3rd. It has confirmed been that the material's label included "b1" on it.

This information has been provided to Erowid by another brother who was present during the event.

John's girlfriend Lindsey submitted an experience report describing the incident.

TLC plate of references and alleged 2C-B-fly
TLC Plate with Marquis Comparing "2C-B-Fly" Sample with References, Testing and Photo by Energy Control (Spain)
Hospitalization in Spain
A 23-year-old man admitted himself to the hospital on October 10, following increasingly strong effects from material ordered from Haupt-RC (material's packaging matched the one pictured above). Experience report describing the incident.

Material Tested in Spain #
On Friday Oct 9, the Spanish harm reduction group Energy Control received a "2C-B-fly" sample, which they analyzed using thin layer chromatography (TLC). A photo on the right (click for full size) shows the test TLC plate for the sample and several reference chemicals, singly and mixed, with Marquis reagent coloring. The results suggested that the Haupt-RC sample ("Sample" in the image) could be bromo-dragonfly with another substance. Analysis of the sample via GC/MS confirmed the TLC results and strongly indicated bromo-dragonfly along with several synthesis impurities. (click image below, right for full size).

GC/MS Output
Analysis via GC/MS Strongly Indicates Bromo-dragonfly with Synthesis Impurities: Sample Not 2C-B-Fly As Represented by Reseller,
Testing and Image by Energy Control (Spain)
The sample, a "really thin" powder, came from someone in Spain who had acquired "2C-B-fly" from Haupt-RC (the product label included "b1" on it). After hearing about the Danish death related to this material, he preferred to wait for it to be analyzed by Energy Control before ingesting it.

Material Tested in California #
A sample of "b1" Haupt Research material represented as 2C-B-fly was tested by Drug Detection Laboratories via GC/MS on Oct 15, 2009 on behalf of Erowid Center. This material was Bromo-dragonfly, confirming the Energy Control results.

Research Chemicals
People who choose to use 2C-B-fly, or any research chemical, should be extremely careful and should have a sober sitter present. Please read the Research Chemical FAQ and be aware of the risks you are taking.

Have You Experienced Side Effects?
If you have experienced any side effects, health complications, or lasting effects from 2C-B-fly use, please submit them to our Experience Vaults (while it is not required, including your email address permits Erowid to contact you privately with follow-up questions). If you have personal, verifiable knowledge of a related death or hospitalization, please consider emailing sage at with details.

Revision History #
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