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Collected Notes on 2C-B & Alcohol Combination
by Zam:
12.5 mg 2C-B + 1 beer, no noticeable change in effect.

4 beers, solidly intoxicated, watching movies with lover. 14 mg 2C-B during peak of intoxication. I enjoyed the transition which was very smooth and pleasant, unlike my normal coming up experiences. The alcohol space opened up into a more stimulated, positive, clear space. At T+4 of the 2C-B I slept soundly, which is unusual.

by Dagr:
1st time. 25 Mg 2cb, drank 2 beers quickly. Moving in a car and sharp turns as the rushes came on. Threw up a few times and felt fantastic afterwards. No further rushing. People around me continued to rush. Fantastic visuals. Context: Outside

3rd time with 2C-B. 3 beers, hour later - Half Moclobemide, hour later - 20 mg of 2cb, and about 1.5 grams of mushies while peaking on 2cb. At a Rave Felt completely euphoric, fantastic visuals. Sick moments of Hmmm, Ugh Oh, especially in the restroom :-). Rushing a lot, legs shaking (felt good), nice of the best times I have had in years.

I have to emphasize this combo as being absolutely fantastic. I've experienced nothing more psychedelic. Taking 15 mg after about 7 or 8 beers (about 3 litres) I found myself asking the same question over and over again (while feeling ecstasy like euphoria and experienceing an alice in wonderland state of mind):- WHY is this combination so damn amazing.

In the end I supposed that it must be that the alcohol takes the edge off the 2cb and slows it down a bit so you can actually examine that amazing state of mind. It felt like I was surfing waves of consciousness, but in a very mellow relaxed kind of way. The phenethylamine qualities I had always heard of with 2cb (but never felt) I REALLY felt this time. No paranoia, no fear... just pure psychedelic euphoria with visuals I didn't know were possible. I had trails that lasted for 6 seconds+ and morphing that had me rolling on the floor with laughter. The most beautiful part of the experience was the understanding of the "Cosmic joke." It was as if I was forced to see it in all its cynical beauty. There were also moments when complete telepathy were "just there." In a way I'd describe the experience as a "3-dimensional MDMA experience." And after it ended I just could not believe it.... 2cb and beer??? But I'm planning to repeat it again... Oh yeah... how about marketing a 2cb beer in countries where the substance is still legal? Seriously.... this would be a nice way for two opposite forces to come to ammends =) =) Heh.. Budweiser's Bee-beer.

by BMur:
Holy shit yer crazy man or am I such a sissy?

This bee and alcohol combo
does *not* match my experience.

I had dry heaves all night until I really threw up
and then was down for three weeks.
My friend had bees after four beers
was on his back nauseated for hours
and has not wanted either substance since (four months)