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Ask Erowid Search Results for :
Apr 28 2003- Jun 30 2003

Answered QuestionsNameDate
What is in a tablet marked with an "M" in a square and a 5 (or .5) on the bac... Psilly Scotty Jun 28 2003
What's in a tablet marked with "HR" and scored into quarters? Bella J Jun 28 2003
Do you have suggestions for how to take good photos for submitting to Erowid? Mike Jun 8 2003
What is in a tablet labelled "cor 103"? Jen May 11 2003
Is there such a thing as "coke-based" or "meth-based" ecstasy? no May 11 2003
Why do people's lips sometimes turn blue when they do nitrous oxide? Anonymous May 10 2003

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