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Ask Erowid Search Results for :
Apr 8 2002- Jun 27 2002

Answered QuestionsNameDate
How long does it take to pass out breathing pure nitrous oxide? steven f Jun 27 2002
What are penalties for possession of a Schedule III or IV substance? zizwibble Jun 17 2002
What is in a pink tablet marked "4980"? yumatweeker Jun 14 2002
Can cracking someone's back re-release ecstasy or serotonin into the body? Ecstasy Jun 11 2002
Does Cannabis suppress the gag reflex? Octopus Rex May 5 2002
Can two chemicals have the same chemical formula? nick May 5 2002
Can synthetic mescaline be more potent than naturally produced mescaline? Anonymous Apr 29 2002
Is "Formula Weight" the same thing as "Molecular Weight"? rhs_star Apr 28 2002
Can toothpaste and orange peels make you trip? Rufus Apr 28 2002
Does Mescaline come in either microdots or liquid form? Kyuketsuki Apr 28 2002
Is Salvia divinorum going to become illegal? Dan Apr 18 2002
Can Caffeine be smoked? Vv Apr 18 2002
Do Mushrooms or MDMA reduce effectiveness of birth control pills? a girl Apr 18 2002
Can police dogs detect heroin or cocaine? eXem Apr 17 2002
Is there any way to change LSA (from morning glory seeds) to LSD? Wind Apr 17 2002
Can MAO create illicit chemicals in my body? anon Apr 16 2002
Does MDMA affect males differently then females? Jimi Apr 16 2002
What does it mean for an Ecstasy tablet to be "heroin based"? Damug Apr 13 2002

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