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Ask Erowid Search Results for :
Oct 22 2002- Mar 19 2003

Answered QuestionsNameDate
Are 5-MeO-DIPT or AMT scheduled/illegal in Canada? nix Mar 15 2003
Can Brugmansia roots be trimmed to reduce watering needs? Anonymous Mar 6 2003
Is 5-MeO-DMT a "research chemical"? Anonymous Mar 6 2003
What is in a tablet labelled "MIA 110"? FIend Mar 6 2003
What is in a tablet marked "Watson / 825"? MVanityOverdose Mar 6 2003
When can 5-MeO-DiPT and AMT become scheduled? iso240 Mar 2 2003
Is the nystagmus caused by LSD and PCP temporary or permanent? drlilfish Feb 25 2003
Has Halcion (Triazolam) been taken off the market due to health concerns? kane Feb 25 2003
What branch of chemistry is involved with indentification and characterizatio... Endra Feb 13 2003
What is the LD-50 of cocaine? Talon Feb 12 2003
Is it illegal to grow a cannabis plant which doesn't contain THC? Corey Feb 11 2003
Is there cocaine in capsules marked "ST-3 224 3850"? TrippyHippie Feb 11 2003
Do you have information about Turbina corymbosa? Bob Dec 19 2002
What's in a tablet marked "SL 434"? Sr. edwin Dec 17 2002
What is in a tablet marked "Dan Dan || 5600"? HollDoll21 Nov 21 2002
Where can one acquire the "Drug Identification Bible" and the "Ident-a-drug R... medaphor Nov 20 2002
Does LSD make your brain bleed? Stephanie Nov 13 2002
Do "magic mushrooms" affect the growth of the penis? hgs Nov 12 2002
What is "Zombinol" and what are its actions? allinyourhead Nov 12 2002
What is the nature of taurine and its effects? Lope Nov 11 2002
How much amphetamine or dexamphetamine does it take to overdose? Trancehed Nov 9 2002
By accessing this website, am I placing myself in legal danger? Josh Nov 8 2002
What's in a white tablet imprinted with "224 3850"? will Nov 8 2002
Is it safer to smoke MDMA than take it orally. Skunk Monk Nov 8 2002
How can one test LSD to see if it's real? LSD Nov 8 2002
Does caffeinated soap really work? bug Nov 7 2002
What is "serotonin syndrome"? SciBoy Nov 7 2002
Is there a pill called "dalotta" (dilaudid)? VANESSA Oct 27 2002
what is yopo? and where can i find information on it? soylent green Oct 27 2002
Has blotter gone down in average potency over the last few years? Ramdas Oct 27 2002
Is there any way to test the strength of a GHB containing liquid? koots55 Oct 27 2002
What did I take? BobbyDigitalis Oct 27 2002
What is in a tablet marked with "M || 1721"? unknown Oct 27 2002
Does more mushroom bluing indicate higher potency? salvia_addict23 Oct 27 2002
What is Epimedium sagittatum (or "Horny Goat Weed")? Lorca Oct 27 2002
Does "Moonflower" refer to Morning Glory or to Datura? Scruffy J Oct 24 2002

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