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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What sort of grasses contain DMT? Dephect Feb 24 2011
What does a growing marijuana plant smell like? bam Feb 4 2011
Do vaporizers work with Salvia divinorum? Anonymous Dec 3 2009
What alkaloids are in Duboisia hopwoodii (pituri)? Bob May 28 2009
Is some Dutch cannabis cut with filler material? Dieter Nov 17 2005
Is there nicotine in tobacco products other than cigarettes? Tim Feb 10 2004
Is it illegal to grow a cannabis plant which doesn't contain THC? Corey Feb 11 2003
Does more mushroom bluing indicate higher potency? salvia_addict23 Oct 27 2002
What is Epimedium sagittatum (or "Horny Goat Weed")? Lorca Oct 27 2002
Are coca stems, roots or seeds illegal? Dr. Yummm Oct 18 2002
How much Ephedrine is in the Ephedra plant? psycho0 Jul 16 2002
Is Salvia divinorum going to become illegal? Dan Apr 18 2002
Does smoking peanut shells get you high? peanut shells Nov 6 2001

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