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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Who decides the "abuse liability" of a drug that the government is considerin... ims Jan 13 2014
Is coca-leaf tea legal? john Feb 17 2011
Is 2C-I illegal in New Zealand? anonymous Oct 16 2006
Does Bromo-Dragonfly fall under the UK ban on phenethylamines? K Dec 9 2005
Is there really a limit of 72 mg of caffeine per 12 oz beverage? AC & SC Sep 6 2005
Possession of 16g of Nitrous Oxide is a felony in FL, how much Nitrous Oxide ... sfg Jul 20 2005
Why are mushroom grow kits harder to find now? scott Sep 10 2003
Do controlled substance conspiracy laws really make only talking about someth... QReeus Jul 26 2003
What's happened to Psilocybe Fanaticus? Brian Apr 2 2003
Are 5-MeO-DIPT or AMT scheduled/illegal in Canada? nix Mar 15 2003
When can 5-MeO-DiPT and AMT become scheduled? iso240 Mar 2 2003
Is it illegal to grow a cannabis plant which doesn't contain THC? Corey Feb 11 2003
Are coca stems, roots or seeds illegal? Dr. Yummm Oct 18 2002
Is it illegal to ingest or distribute Morning Glory seeds? Allen Oct 10 2002
Is an additional waiting period required after the DEA publishes its notice o... Anon Sep 18 2002
What are penalties for possession of a Schedule III or IV substance? zizwibble Jun 17 2002
Is Salvia divinorum going to become illegal? Dan Apr 18 2002
Can MAO create illicit chemicals in my body? anon Apr 16 2002
Is it true that mushroom spores are only illegal in Georgia and California? gimli Feb 25 2002
What is the current legal status of DOI in the U.S.? Wombat66 Nov 30 2001
What is the legal status of ayahuasca in Holland and Greece? Vuseelees Oct 16 2001
Is 5-MEO-AET illegal? J.H. Jul 3 2001
What is the policy of bringing Schedule 2 substances into the US through cust... j Jun 7 2001
Is LSA legal? Noise Apr 16 2001
Is peyote legal in Canada? kn Mar 12 2001
Is it illegal to import absinthe into the US? greenfee Mar 10 2001
I was wondering if coca tea is legal? Thuunders77 Feb 27 2001
Are bongs legal? BardoThodol Feb 22 2001
'How do I find out more about drug laws?' Danielle Feb 8 2001
'Is it illegal to sell Dragon's Blood Incense as 'Red Rock Opium'?' F. Henrich Jan 29 2001
'Are peyote seeds legal in the US?' T Jan 7 2001
'Is Lophophora diffusa legal in the U.S.?' Loc Jan 6 2001
'What is the legal status of MBDB and MEM?' evilacidbaron Jan 5 2001
'How safe is it to order Cannabis seeds from seed banks that are online?' Josh Nov 27 2000
'What states passed Medical MArijuana laws in the 2000 election?' Ms Be Be Nov 26 2000
'Where would I go to find what substances are illegal in Canada?' erin Nov 4 2000
'Are GHB, GBL, and 1,4-B legal in Canada?' erin Sep 15 2000
'Are Morning Glory seeds legal in Ohio?' Josey Mar 30 2000
'What happens if you get caught with Ketamine?' RaverAllstar Mar 14 2000
'Where do I find info about quantities on controlled substances that qualify ... Stellar40s2 Jan 16 2000
'Can I get more information on the scheduled analogs of PCP?' James Sep 15 1999
'What are the legalities on MDMA testing kits in the state of Wisconsin?' Anonymous Aug 9 1999
Is there any legal way to obtain GHB in California? jr Jun 25 1999
'Are there any substances that are legal in the U.S.that I could use to treat... mank Jun 22 1999
'Is Banisteriopsis caapi illegal to import?' bry Jun 21 1999
'Are the following drugs illegal in England: DMT, PCP, Salvia, Amanitas, Datu... A Friend Jun 4 1999

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