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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What is the equivalent of 30 mg pure psilocybin in dry weight of Psilocybe c... Anonymous Nov 1 2006
How much amphetamine or dexamphetamine does it take to overdose? Trancehed Nov 9 2002
Has blotter gone down in average potency over the last few years? Ramdas Oct 27 2002
Does MDMA affect males differently then females? Jimi Apr 16 2002
How are LD50s in Humans Determined? chem major Mar 23 2002
Is it true that only some parts of a San Pedro cactus contain Mescaline? Andy Feb 25 2002
Does a full stomach reduce the effects of MDMA? Anonymous Nov 30 2001
Do reactions to 5-MeO-DMT really vary THAT much? One38 Nov 8 2001
How would alcohol affect the absorbtion/effects of a Kava extract? Phil Oct 16 2001
Will adding sweetener alter the effect of Calea zacatechichi? TL Aug 7 2001
Does lessening ecstasy dosage lessen duration or intensity? Euphoriacid Jul 27 2001
Can Ecstasy or Mushrooms be taken sublingually? Candyflippa Jul 27 2001
How is Anadenanthera used and what is the dosage? Anonymous Jul 17 2001
How many doses are in 30g of Psychotria? Anonymous Jul 10 2001
Can mescaline kill? Confused Mar 8 2001
'How big is a milligram?' Tripoli Feb 17 2001
'How much Methampetamine is generally used by a 120 lb person?' CTTina Jan 8 2001

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