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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What's growing in my GHB? Worried Mar 16 2007
Is a pressed pill of Ecstasy less stable than the pure compound? antrbu Aug 23 2001
'Are there any negative effects to smoking moldy cannabis?' Mike Jan 9 2001
How long can MDMA & 2C-T-7 be stored? What's the best storage method? Walfgong Jan 5 2001
Is LSD water soluable (eg. will putting blotter in a drink be effective)? CA26 Dec 3 2000
Does storing cannabis in a jar for long periods of time increase its potency? HerbalFurbal Oct 12 2000
What is the best way to store LSD and how long will it last? cody Dec 6 1999
What's the best method of storing cannabis? Tangent Jul 10 1999
How long will mushroom spore syringes remain viable? Doug Jun 24 1999

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