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Plants - Other

Answered QuestionsNameDate
What are the percentages of 5-MeO-DMT in Diplopterys cabrerana. Relm Oct 30 2001
Will adding sweetener alter the effect of Calea zacatechichi? TL Aug 7 2001
How is Anadenanthera used and what is the dosage? Anonymous Jul 17 2001
'Is there a easier way of preparing phalaris grass than extracting or using a... psycho0 Jan 30 2001
'Do you have any information about the Oncidium ceblolleta orchid?' nick Jan 30 2001
'Why do plants contain alkaloids?' Ashoka Jan 8 2001
'What are the main constituents of imitation cannabis sold in magazines such ... Bill Sep 22 2000
'Do you have any information about a plant called something like 'damanthus'?' LTW Mar 22 2000

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