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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Is "Sass" a natural form of MDMA (or MDA)? Indigo22 Jul 20 2022
What drug is the "M" that is going around Toronto, Canada? Ody Feb 21 2013
Is there such a thing as "liquid molly" which is pure MDMA? emily avery Apr 7 2011
Can hydrochloric acid be used to make Marquis reagent? BC Jan 8 2011
What is this "MDMA powder" I bought in a smartshop? EricB Aug 9 2010
Can cocaine purity be tested by heating a sample on foil? Erica Nov 1 2009
Can you tell me the strength and origin of a specific hit of blotter? SIID Jul 29 2009
What is "2,5-Dimthoxy-4-ethlthio-pea HCL"? Bob L. Sep 4 2004
Can EcstasyData testing results be fixed/faked? marina Sep 4 2004
What substance was referred to as "The Rolls Royce of Psychedelics"? Wind-up Man Feb 22 2004
Do you know what chemical is in the diet pill Meridia? egor Feb 19 2004
What is in a tablet marked with an "M" in a square and a 5 (or .5) on the bac... Psilly Scotty Jun 28 2003
Does anyone test for and publish the content of street drugs? alan brovar, md Mar 20 2003
Is there cocaine in capsules marked "ST-3 224 3850"? TrippyHippie Feb 11 2003
What did I take? BobbyDigitalis Oct 27 2002
Does Mescaline come in either microdots or liquid form? Kyuketsuki Apr 28 2002
Can Caffeine be smoked? Vv Apr 18 2002
Have you ever heard of ecstacy coming in the form of a capsule or gel tab? ibnz Feb 25 2002
What is in the 7-Legged Spider Ecstasy Tablets? Jeff Feb 25 2002
What is "point"? ...fff... Nov 29 2001

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