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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Do audio recordings from the Good Friday experiment exist? T. Washington Aug 14 2013
Does naloxone come in tablets, for use in case of an OD? AC Jan 18 2012
Is it a problem to take MDMA 36 hours before general anesthesia? Venarian Feb 2 2011
How long do pupils stay dilated after heroin use? Anonymous Dec 8 2010
Hasn't Ricaurte's research into MDMA neurotoxicity been debunked? Wyatt Mar 11 2010
Can salvia extract smoked with cannabis cause chest pains? LaUdaNuM Nov 12 2009
Can drinking GBL cause a sore throat? Corecontax Oct 30 2009
Can dogs sense or feel high when their owners are on drugs? Christophersen Mar 16 2009
What is the difference between ephedra and ephedrine? nascarmedc Feb 26 2009
I had a bad trip 6 years ago and have had lasting anxiety attacks, can you help? olga Jun 17 2004
Why do people's lips sometimes turn blue when they do nitrous oxide? Anonymous May 10 2003
Is the nystagmus caused by LSD and PCP temporary or permanent? drlilfish Feb 25 2003
Does LSD make your brain bleed? Stephanie Nov 13 2002
Do "magic mushrooms" affect the growth of the penis? hgs Nov 12 2002
Is it safer to smoke MDMA than take it orally. Skunk Monk Nov 8 2002
Does Cannabis suppress the gag reflex? Octopus Rex May 5 2002
Do Mushrooms or MDMA reduce effectiveness of birth control pills? a girl Apr 18 2002
Can the brain be fooled into thinking it's tripping, by conditioning it? TigerBalmGuy Jul 31 2001
What does ego-loss mean in regards to an LSD experiences? DuckNucks Jul 17 2001

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