The Sonoran Desert Toad


Bufo alvarius

The Toad Nut/Mother

by Christian Raetsch

Translated by Google from the deutsche site located here.

As a child I that toads are not only somewhat special, but also a good Omen learned. My nut/mother said always that we might not do children to the toads anything, this misfortune would bring. Later I learned that the so-called witches mixed loving gladly toads into their charm watering place, and that some ”wunderliche” People with the help of the toads warts away witches could. I experienced still later that my Germanic-Baltic ancestors beside sun, moon, sky, earth and trees admired also toads as divinities. 

Toads accompanied me my whole life. In the study I trusted with the praekolumbianischen toad representations and examined myself the meaning the toad in the cultures of the Olmeken, Maya and Lakandonen. I stolperte when my study the charm stones over the toad stones, which were apparent symbols of illuminating. Some years ago I finally met the toad nut/mother in erfahrbare way. 

In the environment of Tuscon (Arizona, the USA) the Colorado River Toad (Bufo alvarius) lives. This toad spends nine months underground, coated from mud, and by it protected against the track-transmitted desert sun. With the first rainfalls the toads come from their slip angles crept and begin with the dear luring for the other sex. They remain visible for three months. Like all toads, then also the Bufo forms alvarius in two glands, which are because of the neck, a slimy secretion out 

In the last decades the secretions were examined by different toads and frogs (Dendrobates) chemically. One has beside toxic constituents (Bufonin, Bufotalin, Bufogin, Bufodienolide etc..) in the secretion of the enormous sea toad (Bufo marinus), a psychoaktives molecule discovers the Bufotenin (5-Hydro-xydimethyltryptamin). In the secretion of the Colorado River Toad however the toxic active substances are missing. In the dry weight for it 15% 5-Methoxy-N is contained, n-dimethyltryptamin (5-Meo-DMT). The 5-Meo-DMT occurs not only in the toad secretion, but also in countless plants, which from South American Indians processed to psychedelischen Schnupfpulvern or to which Ayahuasca are added. This neurotransmitter, which is formed also in our nervous system, seems the material for the ultimative schamanische Ekstase, for illuminating and for coming up into the ”klare light of the Todes” to be. 

The Indians, who lived in the southwest of North America, manufactured fetische of these toads. Otherwise their cultural meaning and its psychedelischer use were only discovered in the last years, discovered probably nevertheless again. The toad leaves itself to ”melken”. In addition a living animal is accessed and held, but is not crushed. The two glands are then easily massed, until a thick jet of the precious secretion herausejakuliert. One catches this splash with a windowpane. To it the secretion can dry and crystallize. The yellowish, crystalline mass can now be scraped off and also a few herbs, for example Damiana (Turnera diffusa), be smoked mixed. One dismisses the toad without prejudice to. It can make up for fast the secretion loss. 

I had some years ago to smoke the opportunity something from this wondrous secretion to. It was in California. I sat naked in the Hottub, a type wooden bath trough. The water was hot, the night fresh, asterisk clear. A friend sets a small Pfeifchen to my lips and guessed to so long keep twice deeply to inhalieren and the smoke as possible in the lung. By the smell and taste of the smoke I detected the presence of the DMTs. whom once this smell into the nose rose, which will always remember. With me the smell produced a respectful expectation, the notion of mystischer Transzendenz seized me. The initial excitement sloshed into a koestliche relaxation over. I had the feeling that the molecules of my body stretched themselves and a freshness blew through wind. I took a second course and felt immediately, how I was carried off by the DMT. Me the heading fell into the neck. 

I sat in the water, and only my face was at air. I looked into the sky. The asterisks radiated ever more brightly. They increased. Everything was the full Milky Ways. The lights danced and danced. The asterisk flood dissolved to amorphous, light-impregnated measure. From this the dark outlines of a nature, an enormous nature flowed together. The asterisk carpet assumed the shape of a gigantic toad. I knew immediately that it was the toad nut/mother, one the oldest Goettinnen of the mankind, which flowed together there in the sky. The toad glittered in all colours. It took my entire visual field and climbed down from the sky. Down to me in the bath trough. It touched me, embraced and kissed themselves. An intimate contact, a koestlicher kiss, a moving embrace. We merged together. I felt like an unbelievably positive strength, a correct welfare strength into my body flowed. I knew, the toad nut/mother me assumed. 

I opened the eyes and sat in the bath trough. The water was still hot, the night still fresh, but I was infinitely enriched. When I rose from the water, I felt as newborn, erstarkt, tonically and erfrischt myself. I felt each fiber my muscles. Everything felt tapered, cleaned and healed on. I was full life desire and aphrodisischer impulses. I was lucky, finally the response to the question ”Warum am toads heilig?” to have found. 

from the book: 
Wolfgang asterisk-hit a corner (Hg.) / Cybertribe visions 
• KomistA / night shadow • ISBN 3-928988-04-2 • 

• KomistA • Asterisking race 35 • D-63450 Hanau • Gemany •