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welcome to crystal creations!


Neither I, toast, nor anyone else associated with this page, or it's content may be held responsible for the use of information contained herein. The information provided in these pages is for purposes of acquiring knowledge, and knowledge ONLY! I do NOT condone the use of, manufacture, or distribution of methamphetamine, or any drug for that matter! Following these instructions could lead to imprisonment, injury, or even death. Read all info at your own risk!


ok, I've done some work on the cold method, I've labled it the cold method... if the reason for METH being italicized does not occur to you, perhaps you shouldn't be here... I also added this handy little image, for new stuff, obviously... thanks for visitng, toast
P.S. - hopefully coming soon is spitball's one pot tartaric acid thing for making meth... gotta ask him about it... until next time.... lat0rz



Push/Pull #1 - Push/Pull Methamphetamine Synthesis, originally by methhead of The Hive, graphics & lists by toast

The Cold Methodl - This is a bunch of stuff on the cold method of making meth, requires no heat.... its mostly all theory...

fzr96 Push/Pull - This is fzr96's variation on the push/pull method, complete with his write up and pictures! (FINISHED!)

The One Pot d,l-Meth and ICE. - LaBTop's excellent little write-up on a one-pot method for, apparently, making racemic methamphetamine.

FOOL's thoughts on easy RP/I. - These are some of FOOL's thoughts (originally from back in April), on a Push/Pull like method he devised.

Recycle that Iodine! - This is a post in text format by Worlock of The Hive , excellent information on how you can recycle almost all of the iodine used in the Push/Pull #1 method!


The Hive - This place has some great message boards for discussing syntheses, particularly of phenethylamines.
- This is toast's page about ketamine, nothing to do with crystal, but the boards are excellent.
Wizard X - This page contains some excellent information by Wizard X!
- Syntheses, syntheses, and more syntheses. The best collection of drug synths I've ever seen.

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