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Methamphetamine Synthesis

by Benzylmagnesium Chloride Alkylation of Acetaldehyde Methylimine

by Leno Latrunculus

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Well, I think I got it all together, since no-one seems to have done this not-me thinks he will boldly go where no bee has gone before. This will be done on the following scale: 2.025g Mg covered in 8.325ml. ether, the stirrer will be started and 3.125ml. of a mixture of 10.5375ml. benzyl chloride dissolved in 41.663ml. ether will be dripped in and left for 30 min. until the reaction starts. The remainder will be dripped in over a 30 min. period. The reaction temp. will be kept as close to 45C as possible by immersion in an ice bath. After the reaction has subsided it will be refluxed for 15-30 min. on non-explosion proof hotplate. Immediately following 5.5g of methylamine HCl and 5.5g of acetaldehyde dissolved in 61ml of ether chilled to 0C will be slowly added dropwise over 30 min. After the reaction has stopped the temp. will be allowed to rise to approx. 50C and will be refluxed for 1-1.5 hrs the temp will again be allowed to rise to approx 55-60C and distilled for approx. 2.5-3hrs. to ensure all the solvent has been distilled off. After this has ended 25ml. of ether in 100ml of 10% HCl will be poured into the flask. The ether will be distilled off and 25% NaOH will be added to the flask until a pH of 10 is reached. The contents of the flask will be poured into a 250ml. sep. funnel and extracted with 2x25 ml. portions of DCM.

The extracts will be combined in a 250ml. flask and saturated with dry HCl generated from dripping HCl onto non iodinized salt, the gas will pass thru a dreschel bottle fitted with a med. bubbler and containing sulfuric acid and will pass into the 250ml. flask containing the extracts. The precipitate will be recrystallized from dry 2-propanol and xylene.

I will check back once more in hope someone has any additional info. for me, if not I will let you know how it went for not-me. If anyone is really knowledgable please check this thread often as not-me may run into some problems and need some helpful advice.

Then help me out with some tests to perform, as I stated I am not in a position to perform proper tests until next week. I am anxious too, maybe you are aware of a simple test such as solubility etc. I already performed a m.p. test and it was 1.6C higher than it should be. I don't know if that makes a big difference as this wasn't exactly done by A.C.S standards.

Oh baby, just finished my tests and came up with mp. 172C, and the IR spectrum was the same that was stated and reported for the substance. Gave a close aquantance a sample and they refered to not-me as a god-like nirvanic figure. This shit works, thanks yy4uguys and I found out why the yields were low, MY FUCKUP, did it again and got a 82% molar yield, FUCK YAH, this shit kicks the HI/RP methods ass. I wll post my screw-ups so you all don't repeat the same shit. Oh yah, for all that care I forgave the cat, fuck I luv the cat, all is forgiven. Old monsier(sp?) Victor Grignard is one cool cat.