Six days after my first 2CB trip (and four days after the mushroom trip that followed my first bees) I tried 2CB for the second time. At the time, I wished to get rid of the last of my stash, so I ingested the remaining 30 mg at around midnight. I was somewhat afraid it wouldn't "take" since I had tripped so recently, but after forty minutes, I knew my fears were unfounded as the drug started to work in earnest.

I played the first two songs off the Banco de Gaia album Maya as I sat in my darkened apartment. The music sounded pretty good, but it had a strange quality to it. It sounded almost too clear. Colored patterns pulsed in response to the music's sound.

I turned on the lights and turned off the music. I sat in my living room watching patterns on the wall and thinking. I started running my palm over my cheek, almost subconsciously. It felt really nice. I moved my hand over my face, neck and torso, marvelling at the feeling.

I moved into the bathroom to see how 2CB did in absolute darkness and quiet. I layed down in the bathtub and stared up into space. I couldn't discern between eyes closed and eyes open. Either way, busy, bright and convoluted patterns pulsed and flowed through the darkness. It was intensely beautiful, and I felt awed by it.

I decided to try masturbation. Again, I was nearly overwhelmed by the sensation and mental/emotional energy. I have NO doubt that sex on 2CB would be incredible. My orgasm sent a tremendous wave of energy shooting through my spine.

Afterwards I returned to the living room and sat on the couch again. My room mate J was up. I told him I had taken the last of my 2CB. He asked me how it was going and I told him "Pretty well". He headed off to bed after a few minutes of conversation.

By now it was close to 3 am. I did a few laundry chores and decided to head outside. It was a nice night, so I walked around the library that was across the street from my house. While I was walking my thoughts turned to a few emotional issues I had that were unresolved. I was able to examine them with ease, but I gained no special insight into them.

After walking around the library I sat down in the park to relax and think. My thoughts turned to the place of ecstatic experience in modern society. It saddened me that people who pursue spiritual experiences via shamanic tools were persecuted and treated as criminals. I felt that this would have to change soon, one way or another.

I noticed some clouds overhead and leaned back to watch them. They were orangish in the night sky, and just about the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had to look away after a few minutes as they threatened to overwhelm me. After a while, I got chilly and had to return inside.

I sat on the couch and listened to Banco de Gaia on headphones and afterwards, went to bed.

This trip was pleasant, for the most part. I found the addition of 5 mg to change the experience considerably, and not necessarily for the better. 30 felt a lot "pushier" than 25 had been, and it left my head less clear. Overall I found 25 to much more desirable. Also, I felt that I had taken this trip too soon after my first to gain maximum benefit from it. Had I waited till a more opportune time I probably would gotten more out of it, not to mention enjoyed it more. A nice trip that could have been better.

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