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The Fine Art of Smoking Toad Venom
by Anonymous

Head shops sell glass pipes that work perfect for smoking toad venom. Regular pot or tobacco pipes or bongs will completely waste this valuable substance. Continue reading to find out why. The toad pipe in the picture below is a modified test tube that was made by a chemist friend. The idea behind his method is that the torch flame never comes into direct contact with the toad venom. Direct contact with fire consumes a portion of the venom and turns it into ash; what a terrible waste! With my friend's method, there is no waste. The venom is introduced into the mouth of the tube and allowed to gravitate inside to the bottom. With the venom in this location, and without yet inhaling, apply a blue flame to the outside bottom of the pipe. (Use a small torch or gas burner; a candle or cigarette lighter will not burn hot enough to be effective. You want instant combustion.)

The venom will eventually melt and begin to vaporize when the torch flame is applied long enough. One will hear a very distinct popping and crackling and it is at this point in time that the active participant should begin to inhale the sacred essence of the toad venom through the mouth of the tube. While keeping the pipe directly on the flame, one should inhale long and slow. Remember, strong heat is what sustains this chemical reaction and the process of drawing air through the pin hole in the pipe quickens it. Obviously, the vapor should be held in the lungs for as long as is necessary to induce the experience. If vapor can be seen during the exhale, the participant has definitely ingested a sufficient dose.