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Martinez S, Achauer B, Dobkin de Rios M. 
“Ketamine use in a burn center: hallucinogen or debridement facilitator?”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1985 Jan-Mar 23;17(1):45-9.
Ketamine (CI-581, Ketalar), a derivative of phencyclidine (PCP, Sernyl), has heralded a new phase of anesthesia since its introduction in 1965. It has been described in the literature for its varied medical uses (e.g., Idvall et al. 1979; Wieber et al. 1975; Caro 1974; Fine & Finestone 1973; Collier 1972), despite its reported LSD- like effects on patients. As Collier (1972, 12O) pointed out, "the ideal anaesthetic would be one which induced only the first phase of action of phencyclidine, in which the patient was awake, tranquil, and somatically analgesic, without the initial hypertension and the severe psychotomimetic phase which followed...
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