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Walsh I, Wasserman GS, Mestad P, Lanman RC. 
“Near-fatal caffeine intoxication treated with peritoneal dialysis”. 
Pediatr Emerg Care. 1987 Dec 03;3(4):244-9.
Caffeine is generally regarded as a safe drug, as evidenced by its wide availability in "over-the-counter" preparations and beverages. However, it is capable of producing a lethal outcome in cases of intoxication. The case of a two-year-old girl, who suffered major poisoning from caffeine, is presented. Her care, including the use of peritoneal dialysis, is discussed. Previous cases of caffeine intoxication meriting hospital care or resulting in death which have been reported in the English language medical literature are summarized. It is suggested that drug-drug interactions and the use of peritoneal dialysis and hemoperfusion be given particular consideration in such patients.
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