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Fischer R, Agnew N. 
“On drug-produced experimental psychoses”. 
Naturwissenschaften. 1954;41:431.
Wool protein was used as a model of the structural surface of receptors, possibly involved in the mechanism producing an experimental (model) psychosis by drugs). Hence the affinity for wool of the following compounds was determined at PH 5.2 : mescaline hydrochloride, methedrine (pervitine) hydrochloride, lysergic acid monoethylamide (LAE) and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), the latter two in form of their methanoltartrates. These drugs, if administered to humans in the approximate range of dosage: 500 mg., 100 mg., 1 mg. and 100 y respectively, cause an experimental psychosis characterized by hallucinations and related phenomena of similar intensity and duration.
Notes # : (auch LAE 3b)
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