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Abramson HA. 
“Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25): III. As an adjunct to psychotherapy with elimination of fear and homosexuality.”. 
J. Psychol.. 1955;39:127.
A verbatim transcript of a 4-hour interview under 40 mcg. LSD by mouth is reported. The patient had made excellent progress in psychoanalytic interviews but many problems connected with her sex life still required attention. The sex problems were mobilized by a dream but analysis of the dream was unsuccessful because the patient's anxiety overcame her usual interest in ascertaining the symbolic meaning of the dream the was successfully analyzed and a fear of homosexuality which had become intense was resolved. The experience under LSD gave the patient more confidence in reconstructing and reevaluating data for a longer period than had previously been possible without LSD. The author gives details of the preparation necessary for employing LSD as a psychotherapeutic aid in ambulant patients.
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