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Fischer R, Georgi F, Weber R. 
“Psychophysische Korrelationen. VIII. Modellversuche zum Schizophrenieoroblem. Lysergsäurediäthylamid und Mescalin.”. 
Schweiz. med. Wschr.. 1951;81:817-837.
The psychopathological phenomena produced by LSD are identical with those described by Hofmann and W. A. Stoll (LSD1). The effects of LSD (130 mcg.) are qualitatively different from those of mescaline (0.5 g). The condition produced by LSD resembles a hebephrenic state, while in the mescaline-induced condition catatonic features are predominant. LSD causes a less intensive and transient disturbance in liver function than mescaline and thus the Quick's hippuric acid test is negative after LSD but Rositive after mescaline and in most cases of acute schizophrenia. The cinnammc acid test of Snapper-Saltzman, which is more sensitive, reveals disturbances of liver function after the axLministration of LSD. Experiments on larvae of Xenopus laevis Daudin (tadpoles) show that LSD is more than 100 times as toxic or effective as mescaline.
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