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Notes on Smoking Syrian Rue Extract
by Erowid, 1996-2001

Toad writes: (1996):

Smoking harmala extract works very well. It seems to provide more of a cerebral effect and less of a body high when taken this way. I find that 50-75 mg of extract (acid/base method) is quite sufficient to synergize mushrooms or LSD. Wait till your coming on and then give it a whirl!

Comments by Talis: (1996)

Just thought I'd drop a note on mixing mj and p.Harmala. I would say a very good mix, about 50/50 mix. Makes the high somewhat more visual, distortion like affects. Major body high, a strong buzz feeling.

To prepare the P.H to be smoked, I took 4 oz and began crushing/grinding in a $10 coffee grinder. Just do about 1 oz at a time, grind, and then sift the powder, through a kitchen strainer, and keep grinding the seeds till you are left with little white nuts, by this time you have all of the availible seed coats, and the rest of stuff can be disposed of, you will be left with a red powder. This can then be used as smoking admixture, or it is in the ideal state to be extracted using either vinegar/water lemon juice/water or possibly grain alchol such as everclear. The alco will make a fine red tincture, that seems like it would make a fine harmala extract, if this was evaporated down to crystals.