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Legalization: A Debate
by Eliot Marshall
Chelsea House 
Book Reviews
Reviewed by Erowid, 9/18/2003

This book takes a reasonably serious look at the debate over drug legalization. Unfortunately, the bias of the authors is quite apparent in the way they look at the debate. Rather than sticking to presenting the various sides of the existing debate, the authors come at the issue from the assumption that legalization is a bad idea and from this viewpoint—not surprisingly—they find it difficult to convince themselves that that there are any real merits to the idea. What they end up creating is a relatively complete and comprehensive presentation of the viewpoint of those who are against legalization.

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  1. I found this book in my high school library and used it to write an essay on drug politics in America. While it didn’t really present any new information to me,I found it to be an extremely reasonable and unbiased source,especially considering the other selection of drug books I had available to me at my school library (.i.e. drug war propaganda).

    I disagree with the reviewer. While it’s certainly somewhat anti drug,it’s meant as anti drug education material for teenagers. With that in mind,it’s still great that they even presented the legalization debate at all.While I would recommend several other books on the subject instead of this one,for a younger teenager with little knowledge on the subject,I think this book would be great.

    I think that “The Encylopedia of Psychedelic Substances” series is great series for younger students. While it still somewhat leans anti drug,it’s absolute gold compared to the other sources of material that are available to most public school students. Some of the books in the series are even written by giants like Solomon Snyder.

    3.5 of 5 stars considering its intended audience.

    Comment by monoamine — 4/28/2005 @ 12:45 pm

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