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Entheogen Articles (by substance)

Bulletin on Narcotics (out of print)   Articles
DEA's Microgram Bulletin   Archives Website
Cannabis Health (out of print)     Website
Eleusis: Journal of Psychoactive Plants & Compounds 1995-2005   Website
Entheogen Blätter (out of print)     Website
The Entheogen Law Reporter 1993-1999 Archives  
The Entheogen Review 1992-2008 Articles Website
Entheos 2001-2002   Website
Erowid Extracts 2001-Present Articles Website
High Frontiers 1984-1988 Articles  
High Times 1974-Present   Website
Inner Space 1966-1967 Archives  
Integration: Zeitschrift für Geistbewegende Pflanzen und Kultur/
Journal for Mind-moving Plants and Culture
1991-1995   Website
Jahrbuch für Ethnomedizin und Bewußtseinsforschung/
Yearbook for Ethnomedicine and the Study of Consciousness (out of print)
The Journal of Cognitive Liberties 1999-2003   Website
Journal of Psychedelic/Psychoactive Drugs 1967-Present   Website
MAPS Bulletin 1988-Present   Website
MixMag (Dance Culture Magazine)   Article Website
Pills-a-go-go 1991-1996 Archives  
Psychedelic Illuminations 1991-1996 Articles  
The Psychedelic Review 1963-1971 Articles Archive
Psychozoic Press 1982-1985 Archives  
TRIP Magazine: The Journal of Modern Psychedelic Culture 1997-2000 Articles Website
UNODC's Global SMART Updates   Archives Website

JOURNALS (medical)
American Journal of Psychiatry   Articles Website
Journal of the American Medical Association   Articles Website
Journal of Schizophrenia / Orthomolecular Psychiatry     Website
The Lancet   Articles Website
Neurology   Articles  
Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior   Articles  
Psychiatry   Articles  
Psychopharmacology     Website

Shaman's Drum     Website
Earthlight: Magazine of Spiritual Ecology     Website
Sage Woman    

Life   Articles Website

Flipside 1977-2000 Articles

Allies     Website
Botanical Preservation Corps     Website
Fungi Perfecti     Website
Inner Traditions: Books on Drugs and Ethnobotany     Website
Nachtschatten Verlag     Website
Sound Photosynthesis Books and Tapes     Website
Libreia Muscaria: specializing in Spanish editions     Website
Zeff Memorial Library Catalog     Website

The Psychedelic Library     Website
Those That Went Before: A Lineage of Psychedelic Print Publications   Article