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Scrapbook of a
Haight Ashbury Pilgrim
Spirit, Sacrament & Sex; 1967-1968
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Elizabeth Gips
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Changes Press
"Elizabeth Gips was smoking pot when you and I were in diapers. We could ask no more than to have such a cheerful Virgil guide us through a psychedelic Divine Comedy."
-- Lorenzo Milam, author of Sex and Broadcasting, and Lords of Lourdes

"People like you, Liz, are the shock troops for our new order."
-- Terence McKenna, co-author of The Invisible Landscape, author of Archaic Revival and Food of the Gods

"Ourtrageous ideas capturing the spirit of a whole evolutionary journey with a mind-expanding, magical mythology."
-- David Jay Brown, co-author of Mavericks of the Mind, author of Brainchild

"It is exquisitely written. very timely, and I think it should be very successful. I loved it myself."
-- Barbara Hand Clow, Bear & Co. Publishing; author of Liquid Light of Sex

Elizabeth Gips is a seventy one year old grandmother who says she was really born in 1966. She feels graced to have broadcast an evolutionary radio program, Changes, for the last four thousand or so years. She lives with Paddy Long, their cat Cheetah and a little garden with two apple trees.