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Hydroponic Heroin
How to Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil
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Author(s) :
Robert Neil Bunch
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1998(pb,1st ed,f-)
Publisher :
Loompanics Unlimited
So you think you can't grow opium poppies because you don't have a patch of dirt in the middle of nowhere? Poppycock.

The Babylonians used this method in their Hanging Gardens, as did the ancient Chinese, Aztecs and Mayans in their celebrated floating gardens. Now, author Robert Bunch reveals their secrets to year-round indoor growing without dirt--for the same price you'd pay for an ounce of fine marijuana!

You'll also learn:
  • How to avoid the menacing eyes of infrared detectors and nosy neighbors
  • How to combat an overdose
  • What size garden is right for you
  • How to control your opium--without it controlling you
  • How to purchase equipment without arousing suspicion
  • How to make your own morphine and heroin
  • And much more!
You've already taken the first step into the world of hydroponic growing just by picking up this book. Now, with just a little water and a few easily obtained start-up items, you're on your way to becoming an opium farmer in your own home.