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The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs
The Toxic Fumes
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Author(s) :
John R. Glowa
Editor(s) :
Solomon H. Snyder
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
1986(hb,1st ed,fine/nai),1988(hb,fine/nai)
Publisher :
Chelsea House Publishers
Gasoline, cleaning fluids, paint thinners -- all readily available -- are just a few of the household and commercial products that young people use to get high. Approximately 15% of hight school students have used inhalents, and abuse has been increasing among young girls. Inhalants can damage the heart, kidneys, and liver, and can cause stupor, brain damage, and "sudden sniffing death." What are these volatile hydrocarbons? How are they used? Why do young people seek out this dangerous "high"? Do young inhalant abusers outgrow this behavior or do they graduate to other drugs? This timely book educates young readers on the potential hazards of a rapidly growing form of drug abuse.

John R. Glowa, Ph.D., is a behavioral pharmacologist in the Clinical Neurosciences Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health. He received his degree in psychology from the University of Maryland where he was a post-doctorate fellow. He also held the position of research associate in the department of psychiatry at Harvard University Medical School.