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The Two Day Comedown
by MSHolla
Citation:   MSHolla. "The Two Day Comedown: An Experience with Cocaine (ID 29044)". Nov 1, 2007.

DOSE: 4.5 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: 4.5 grams of cocaine is considered an extremely high dose, see Cocaine Dose Chart]

I am 18 years old and have done powder cocaine many times in the past, but none of my previous endeavors were this wreckless. I was not under the influence of any other substances or medications at the time. There was no preparation since this was sort of a random night. The most coke I had done previously in one sitting was only maybe 5 lines or so, because of lack of supply. I didn't plan on killing that much raw-dog in one night but I just couldn't stop.

My friend who we'll call Tom and I were chillin one night looking for something to do, as usual there was nothing going on so he asks if I wanna get 'giddy', naturally I accept. At about 11:00 he proceeds to pull out a 9 gram bag of the rawest cocaine I have ever seen in my life. This stuff glittered in the maplight of my Jeep. He told me that this was the stuff that gets you into college, the 'grade A+'. I was so eager to actually feel how good this stuff was so we found a nice little hidden parking lot and busted out a line for each of us.

After the first line I instantly felt like I could talk forever. A strong craving for a strong menthol cigarette came on. The elevation in mood was intensified with a cigarette. We then proceeded to do another, then another, then another. Within 5 minutes of one line we would be doing another, just sitting in a parking lot talking, doing line after line. It kept getting better and better, with every line I would reach a new level of euphoria and giddyness. I had no idea how much we had done or how much time had passed. After probably 4 hours of being completely out of my mind, yet mysteriously in my mind and focused, I asked how much had we done, like a gram or 2? He looked at me and held up the bag, there was only about 3 lines worth left in it. I about shat myself. What the hell, may as well kill it all right? After finishing a NINE GRAM bag of glistening cocaine we sat and talked some more and decided to head on home. I dropped him off and went to my house at about 3:30 AM.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated or tripping is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

I got up to my room and by myself and realized that I was way too fucked up. My perception of time and sound were completely gone, I could barely hear anything, it was as if there were earplugs in my ears. This was rather annoying. I knew that the comedown was going to be brutal and that I would get no sleep this night and would be lucky to sleep the next night. I chatted on the computer for a while and realized that it was really hard to type. I was really out of my mind now, it kept coming on harder and harder with each drain I caught. I started to get scared and sweaty. My mind split into two levels, the one that was screwed up and in control, and the one that was sober and telling me that I was in trouble and 'Oh my God this, oh my God that'. I really started to freak out, I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up normal. I even thought about waking my parents and telling them that I needed to go to the hospital but I was in no mind to lie and the supplier was on probation so I refused.

Urination was easy but when I thought I was done and proceeded to put it away, it kept dribbling, I had lost bladder control. I was sweating like a hog and decided to at least lay down and try to sleep. I kept drinking water to prevent dehydration. When I layed down I realized how fast my heart was going. Holy shit, way too fast. I nearly shat my pants I was so scared. I wondered how long it would be before it just blew up and I died. I seriously thought I had overdosed and my heart was going to explode. 'How long can a heart go on beating at 3 million bpm?' I thought. I remember thinking about the movie Blow where he says 'The tolerance level for cocaine is between 2-3 grams depending on body weight...' I am a relatively small guy at only 135lbs.

I never got to sleep that night, and I had to drive 5 hours back to college the next morning, no good. I layed there in bed freaking out waiting to die and watched the sun brighten my room. When morning came I arose and my heart had not slowed one bit. I was beginning to feel exhausted and like I just got beat up really bad or hit by a car. My parents thought I was just sick and irritable so I left and drove back to college. That was the worst drive of my life. It would never end, I was exhausted but could never come near rest. My heart was going so fast still.

That night it was the same routine, I just layed there my heart STILL racing and my head throbbing along with my body aches. I didn't sleep that night either but the next morning I finally started to return to normal. I didn't go to classes that day, instead I was able to sleep. The sleep hit me like a train, fast and hard. I woke up the next morning still sore and with a headache. I pledged never to do coke again, and haven't since then. Unless you count three days later when I caught a drain in chemistry lab. Overall it was a horrible experience, and I'll never do it again. It was only fun at the beginning, the 2 day comedown was definitely not worth 4 hours of bliss.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 29044
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 1, 2007Views: 35,489
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