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My Serious Addiction
Zolpidem (Ambien)
by Lost Black Dog
Citation:   Lost Black Dog. "My Serious Addiction: An Experience with Zolpidem (Ambien) (ID 62605)". Jun 25, 2007.

DOSE: 175 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: 175 mgs of zolpidem is considered an extremely high dose]

I love to trip. When it comes to drugs, I think there are only one or two substances that I have not tried. My drug of choice above all else, however, is oddly enough simply Ambien. I first heard of this drug from a dear friend of mine who told me that it was like pot and whiskey combined into a little pill. Being the wonderful actor/doctor shopper that I am, I was able to obtain a prescription within about two days. I took my first dose thinking that it would knock me out and that I would surely need to build a tolerance to this new substance in order to stay awake and enjoy the high. I have never been so wrong.

I soon found myself in my bed, and as I lay there on my striped sheets I began to notice a ripple, which lead to a current, which lead to a stream of cotton ending in a placid waterfall at the foot of my bed. For the moment I was swimming there in my own blankets, and that was when I knew I had struck gold. Ambien was all that I would ever need from then on.

For two years after that experience I took Ambien religiously. I would get high, low, drunk... whatever I felt like doing and then I would pop my beloved pill as though I was merely saving it for dessert. Eventually I found myself back under the roof of my parents and I still took my pill nightly, however now I was supposed to be off of it, yet I still had few secret refills hidden away. One day my folks left town and I filled one of them in order to help me pass the long day. I took the first pill at 7pm that night, and from then on I took another 13 pills of the Ambien CR 12.5 mg. I don't remember going to the hospital, or the food I ate on the way, or my brother picking me up and carrying me to his Scoutmaster's house.

All I remember is that my parents came home all the way from Florida, I was high as a kite, and my mom had tried to flush the remaining pills I had left down the toilet to no avail. Instead of letting those trip tablets dissolve in the toilet, however, I reached my hand in there and bravely swallowed all that I could in one foul moment. That was when I knew I was an addict. The confinement, the hospital, and the trip that lasted three days are a mere blur at this point.

I remember being treated at a psychiatric hospital for about five days and I remember not wanting to leave and have to face my parents. However, I do remember that it was an awesome experience, and given the chance to do it again. I can't honestly say that I wouldn't. It was a train wreck... that is most definite. but a learning experience? You bet ya! Ambien, although I have not done it in months, is still my drug of choice above all others.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 62605
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 25, 2007Views: 18,963
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