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New Forgetfully Social Horrible DreamsXanderPRL-8-53Apr 17 2014
New White Diamond SpiritsTroy_WalkerBlue LotusApr 16 2014
New Gentle but Powerful- New Favorite Toolgaribaldi4-AcO-DMTApr 13 2014
New RecommendedFirst Impressions of First ExperienceWalter PahnkeLSDApr 3 2014
New Avid Caffeiner Switches to AtomoxetineTerraStrattera (Atomoxetine)Apr 1 2014
New Feel Lucky to Be AliveMarch25I-NBOMe and MethoxetamineMar 31 2014
New RecommendedWhere I've Wanted to Be All AlongRenton2-meo-DiphenidineMar 31 2014
New RecommendedAnother NBOMe tragedy. Two tabs of 25B-NBOMe killed my brother.PainfulRegret25B-NBOMeMar 31 2014
New Woke Up in Intensive Carebeff25i-NBOMeMar 31 2014
New RecommendedWorthwhile Visual Stimulant/Psychedelicroi3C-E and AB-FUBINACAMar 31 2014
New Canine Accidental IngestionShinibrite25I-NBOMeMar 31 2014
New Too Much with EuphoriaZackBaclofenMar 30 2014
New No Effect Junkm11_is_junkbk-MDDMA (Dimethylone), Mar 30 2014
New LSZ Different but niceMental_PatientLSZ, Cannabis, and TobaccoMar 30 2014
New Killing My Liverhappygent1236KratomMar 30 2014
New RecommendedReversible MAOI InteractionsMBMoclobemide, MDMA, Amphetamines, NBOmes, 2C-B, Cannabis, et al.Mar 29 2014

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