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New RecommendedNavigating Electric EuphoriaShpongleton5-MAPB & KratomOct 16 2014
New In My Infinite WisdomJohnyderp5-MAPB and Passion FlowerOct 15 2014
New Talkative, Happier, and SharingCatherineMDMA MollyOct 15 2014
New Up All Night AfterwardsZamMDPV or 5-MAPBOct 15 2014
New Another Good Euphoric StimulantZam5-MAPB, Ephedrine, and AlprazolamOct 15 2014
New RecommendedMajor Mood Lift and Cuddling IntimacySunbane5-MAPB & EtizolamOct 15 2014
New Going Nicely and a Bit Trippysomeone6-MAPBOct 15 2014
New Years of Therapy in One Dayenkay25I-NBOMe & Alprazolam (Xanax)Oct 6 2014
New Entering InsanityMarty MBelladonna roots & marijuanaSep 29 2014
New RecommendedSelf Imposed Ultra Rapid Detoxmunkyjuce69Oxymorphone and NaltrexoneSep 28 2014
RecommendedRoaming Free I Unearth and HealAdaviri4-HO-MiPTSep 21 2014
RecommendedExploring New TerritoriesVaya4-Ethylmethcathinone (4-EMC)Sep 21 2014
Flying With the SerpentsAlmegaAnadenanthera peregrina, Syrian RueSep 21 2014

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