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New RecommendedMy Mind Is but an Instrument Test Subject 573DOC & 5-MeO-MIPTNov 16 2014
New RecommendedA Profound Experienceketogenesisbk-2C-BNov 16 2014
New I Had No Idea What I Was Getting Myself IntoPsychonaut3000Mushroom - P. cubensisNov 16 2014
New RecommendedBridging New GapsVaya4-EthylmethcathinoneNov 16 2014
New RecommendedA Few TrialsherpderpslurpMT-45Nov 15 2014
New Definitely Worth Study RCTesterMT-45Nov 15 2014
New RecommendedSpiritual LessonsTrueReward5-MeO-DMTNov 15 2014
New RecommendedI Can See AirDavid_Davidson25I-NBOH & EtizolamNov 15 2014
New TMA-6 Vaped to Good EffectBoraxTMA-6Nov 14 2014
New Accidental OverdoseRochemback5-MeO-DALTNov 14 2014
New First Time Use Induces Seizurecollegekid2C-BNov 14 2014
New A Retrospective of AddictionRadiumMDMA, Ketamine, Methoxetamine & EtizolamNov 14 2014
RecommendedPowerful Psychedelic with Body LoadDominick2C-EOct 24 2014
Bipolar Nightmare Whiplashpsood0nymnowhereman3-MeO-PCP & CannabisOct 24 2014
Five Hour Headachetedonfire3-MeO-PCPOct 24 2014
Relaxed Euphoria, Stimulation, and Not Too Dissociativeeloquence3-MeO-PCPOct 24 2014
RecommendedLovely, But Very Dose DependentAzari3-MeO-PCPOct 24 2014

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