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New Pretty DisappointingAyahuasca_01Diclazepam, EtizolamSep 15 2014
New RecommendedCalm Functional StimulationSC2-FluoromethamphetamineSep 15 2014
New A Useful and Promising Stimulantlesseroftwoevils2-FluoromethamphetamineSep 15 2014
New No Effects at AllGreenlakeCalea zacatechichiSep 13 2014
New Research into Intramuscular StackingSyraMethoxetamine MXESep 13 2014
New RecommendedExtensive Testtothemoon4-HO-METSep 13 2014
New A Most Horrible and Wonderful Experiencemaynard4-ACO-DMTSep 13 2014
New Stay away from XylazineTokingTechXylazineSep 13 2014
New Highly RecommendedIf There Is a God, He Loves Fractals CrazyEngineerMescaline, LSD, DMT, XLR-11Sep 10 2014
New RecommendedCleaning EnthusiastHaroldVyvanseSep 1 2014
New From Hell to Heaven Blotterfall4-Aco-DMT & CigarettesSep 1 2014

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