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Nitrous Journal Articles & Abstracts



Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air, by Joseph Priestley
Alembic Club Reprint #7 Vol II (London, 1775) Section III
(Online Copy)

Title Unknown
Seminars in Surgical Oncology Vol 6 (No 3) 1990; 141-147
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown (study on volunteers looking at acute tolerance, subjective and objective observations)
Acta Anae Scand Vol 29, 1985; 635-638
(No Text Available)

Abuse of Volatile Substances, Information Paper 2
Commonwealth Department of Health, Drugs of Dependency Branch 1984
(No Text Available)

Review of Inhalants: Euphoria to Dysfunction, edited by C.W. Sharp; M.L. Brehm
NIDA research monograph (No 15) Oct 1977
(No Text Available)



Death by Nitrous Oxide: An Interesting Case of Auto-Eroticism
American Journal of Forensic Medical Pathology (No 1) Mar 9, 1988; 60-63
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown (suicide case)
American Journal of Forensic Medical Pathology (No 4) Dec 10, 1989; 330-331
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown (Nitrous Hazards for patients with ear surgery or ear disease)
Anaesthesia Vol 23, 1979; 147-151
(No Text Available)



Megaloblastic Hemopoiesis in Patients Receiving Nitrous Oxide
Lancet Aug 12 1978; 339-342
(No Text Available)

Myeloneuropathy after Prolonged Exposure to Nitrous Oxide
Lancet Vol 2 (No 8102) Dec 9, 1978; 1227-1230
(No Text Available)

Title Unknown (Teratogenic Effects)
Anaesthesiology Vol 67 (No 6) 1978; 960-964
(No Text Available)

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