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Ecstasy Brands
by Erowid
March 2003
Ecstasy tablets are regularly pressed with logos for companies and commercial products Ecstasy manufacturers use imprints and logos to differentiate their products from other pills. Unfortunately, once one brand gets a good reputation, worse-quality pills are often pressed and sold in order to capitalize on the underground word of mouth and (sometimes) ecstasy lab testing results for a 'good' ecstasy tablet.

Brands chosen for ecstasy tablet imprints are often those which are well known such as automobile logos (Ferrari, Audi, Volkswagen, etc), clothing and perfume brands, movie references, occult and pagan symbols, or really any easily identifiable icon which can be turned into a pill stamp and pressed into tablets.

Although very few people would assume that the trademark holders are responsible for the pill imprints, it is important to note that most trademark holder consider the impriting of illegal underground drug dose-units with their logos to be undesireable.

Corporate logos imprinted on ecstasy tablets include: Armani, Audi, Ferrari, Bugs Bunny, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Donald Duck, Harry Potter, Michelin, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Motorola, MTV, Nike, Superman, Teletubby, Toyota, Versace, VW, Woody Woodpecker.

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