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Legal Status
by Erowid
Caution :   All legal information should be verified through other sources. [see below]
Schedule III
LSA is DEA schedule 3.

Though LSA is classified as a 'depressant' by U.S. law, it should also be noted that it is a very active hallucinogen/psychedelic.

Australia #
Consumption of LSA containing materials is prohibited under state legislation in most Australian states. (thanks DM)
Canada #
LSA is not listed in Canada's Controlled Drugs and Substances act and is therefore not illegal to possess. It is probably illegal to sell for human consumption as a drug, though the plants that contain it are not controlled in Canada. (unconfirmed) (thanks o) (last updated Jan 8 2011)
Hungary #
LSA is not legally classified as a drug, consumption or possession of LSA or LSA containing-materials is not prohibited. (unconfirmed) (thanks J]
Netherlands #
LSA is controlled in the Netherlands. This makes it illegal to possess, distribute, and produce without a license. (unconfirmed) (thanks R1)
New Zealand #
Chemical LSA is controlled as a drug in New Zealand. The plants and seeds of morning glory species are legal to possess, cultivate, buy, and distribute. Seeds are reportedly sprayed and warnings included on the packets not to consume the seeds. (unconfirmed) (thanks B) (last updated Sep 12 2010)
Poland #
Status of LSA as chemical unknown. LSA-containg plants appear to be uncontrolled in poland. (unconfirmed) (thanks D)
Sweden #
Sweden is planning to control a number of chemicals as of May 1, 2007 including LSA, 2C-T-4, DXM, and DOI. (thanks P) (March 2007)
United Kingdom #
LSA is a Class A substance within the United Kingdom, categorized as a precursor to LSD (Misuse of Drugs Act 1971)
If you have information about the legal status of this substance in any other country, please let us know.

Erowid legal information is a summary of data gathered from site visitors, government documents, websites, and other resources. We are not lawyers and can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided here. We do our best to keep this information correct and up-to-date, but laws are complex and constantly changing. Laws may also vary from one jurisdiction to another (county, state, country, etc)...this list is not comprehensive.